Laundry on the mind

My latest obsession is finding ways to make our laundry room more functional and more f.u.n. Fun.  A small laundry room it is but so much potential to create a great space!  I need to create a happy space to make the task of laundry more enjoyable.   Who doesn't want a fun laundry space? laundry on the mindPaint color is already done. It's called "smooth stone" by Sherwin Williams.  Love the light (but not stark white) shade and the illusion it creates of a much bigger space!  The floor space is very limited....neutral tile in need of a fun rug. I have contemplated bright multi-colored, or solid colored rug...then I stumbled upon a rug at Kohl's (half price) which doesn't even closely resemble the ideas in my head.  It is a black and cream geometric pattern....and it totally works!  So now I am left with an open pallet for those much-needed pops of color!  This is the fun part....finding accessories like wall art and storage bins for the cubby.  Stay to come. At the moment I refuse to take photos as there are about 25 football jerseys hanging in there!!!