In love with my fall mantle

Everything about this mantle makes me smile....the teal jars, the pears, the mirror and the pretty little clump of floral goodness (thank you Susan!) all just works together doesn't it? Total cost: about $7 image

So how did this mantle take form you ask? Since my last big project (my bed) I had wood boards left over and I couldn't stop myself from staining them and making a new mirror frame with them! I basically glued the crud outta the mirror border, stuck the boards on there and hoped they'd stick well. My husband reassured me..."oh yeah, liquid nails'll do it. That frame isn't going anywhere". He was right! The jars were a thrift store find, each at .99 the fall arrangement I already had...just a matter of re-arranging and placing in jars. The pears...also a thrift store find. I think I paid 3.00 for 10 of them. The bundle of glorious fall foliage....swiped it immediately from my mother-in-law who had a garage sale this summer, free of charge!


I'm usually chomping at the bit to take down seasonal mantle decor in preparation for the next season, but this fall I just don't want to take this one down! What is your favorite fall mantle decor?