Current state of affairs in the basement

We've all had our share of clutter in the basement.....more like natural disaster site. Sadly this is what our basement has become over the past several months to a year.  But it's about to change and we're excited about it!   The plan is to create a number of different functional spaces from play zone, to tv/gaming area, to good old fashioned board game/Lego table, and of course to a project space for mom! To truly appreciate the final product I've posted some " before" photos.  Let me tell you it ain't pretty.

image image

Luke is that you? I can hardly see you in that mess!  And a staining project smack dab in the center of my sons' hockey zone? Not smart.

image image


Poor piano (also in need of a facelift).  To the right of the bike is the future site of my work space. Have always wanted a space under the stairs!

As you gaze at the photos you obviously see a myriad of things.....junk, clutter, toys, craft supplies, paint.  A mess of  unorganized chaos.  Additionally, it lacks color!  Not a particularly inspiring space to be in.   More to come....