Basement Refresh- Status Update

We continue to grind away at the basement project. We have completed painting one half, and now are tackling the other half of the basement.  In these pictures you see what the walls and ceiling look like before painting, and how we used tarps to to protect non-targeted surfaces.

The ugly ceiling and drab walls. Not for long!

My kids' art wall. This is staying out. Planning to eventually cover the entire wall.

A look at the ceiling before paint and through the plastic tarp you see blah gray.

See they difference that white makes?  It's like breathing in the fresh wilderness air isn't it?

You are welcome to paint the whole ceiling boys! Kinda dreading the process here....but it will be worth it in the end!

Early in the ceiling painting process I became seriously looked like fire damage. Cross fingers and spray on...

After the ceiling was done, I cut the bottom half of the tarp off and pulled the ends up onto the ceiling so I could spray the walls without messing up the finished ceiling. Fun.

I think I can I think I can...

After this project I won't be using tarp or masking tape too soon.  This was the most grueling project I've done, but I know it will be worth all the time and effort!  We couldn't have done it (and kept our sanity) without a paint sprayer. That was key.  If you use a sprayer don't forget to wash the parts between each use.....oh and read the manual!

Today I finally finished the painting!  There are a few areas that need more coverage and that a son or two will be assisting to official completion.   So excited to create more functional living space for my family.....and an inspiring work space for myself!  Stay tuned.....