Sunday Funday Project

  Even though the basement is far from finished, today I had the itch to create some fun wall art.  With all the white painted walls now, some pops of color are a necessity!  This was an easy and very cheap project! Here is what you need: 1. Various sizes of canvas, or picture frames (I've even seen shoebox lids used) 2. T-shirts of all colors...logos, places, or sports teams your family likes 3. Scissors to cut the shirts to size 4. Staple gun 5. Fabric spray(optional) helps keep shirt in place when centering, before flipping over to staple


Use a variety of t-shirts that are meaningful to your family

Canvas art is cheap at thrift stores or Hobby Lobby's 90% off aisle

Make sure the shirts are centered

Once centered, flip over and staple gun the edges


And there you have it. Easy, very cheap, pop of color and so fun for the new basement "refresh"

I'm happy with the result! They will look great against the white brick (which is actually stamped cement). I have yet to attach wire to each canvas and hang. I hope command hooks on the brick will get the job done! Mission accomplished. See below....

Attach wire to frame with staple gun. Worked like a charm.

Command hook stuck immediately to the cement...I even yanked on that thing and it didn't move

Voila! Planning to add to the wall....

I am thrilled to have some color and decor in the basement. How have you brightened up a room that took an hour or less and cost under $10?