Gallery Walls in 2015

Hello and Happy New Year!  I am back to blogging after a vacation away from technology! While I thoroughly enjoyed it I am happy to be back reading my favorite blogs and and posting to my own blog as well.  I am excited about 2015....a new year full of new ideas, better ideas, new projects, and all those little(or big) projects not completed in 2014!  Gallery walls just seem like a good kick-off to the year..... If you've never done a gallery wall I highly recommend it.  I love them for a number of reasons.  I can compile things I like that don't necessarily go together, but when hung strategically with one another the result is amazing!  This is a great way to avoid spreading too many little things throughout the house.  When groups of items are displayed together the impact is so much greater! Another great thing about these walls is that they can communicate so much about a person or a home. Walls I've created have told the story of my family, or have even reflected my spiritual beliefs and motivations. It's a pretty cool thing when you can make decor with things you already have and that mean something to you.

My first wall mural.  The end result was a happy moment!

The bedroom wall gallery, being my first, consisted of a lot of thought and planning....right down to plan lay-out over wrapping paper. What you say? Yes I used wrapping paper for this project! I used the back of wrapping paper and cut it the same size as the wall space. After some arranging and re-arranging of the items over the paper, I finally decided on a lay-out. All I had to do was make marks on the paper where the nails should go. I also took a picture of the lay-out so I wouldn't forget it! Once the paper was put up against the wall I hammered away, removed the paper, and hung everything in a matter of minutes.

Third mural....this happened due to my dislike of the dark paint color and no motivation to paint!

The white framed gallery wall was fun to do. I had all the frames already but had to do a little painting. Some were distressed and others were a crisp white. I loved that it was a temporary fix for the orange wall behind it! This gallery remained intact for about 5 months....then I decided to paint the wall! Again, another reason I love gallery walls....they can be temporary or last forever so have fun and just go nuts hanging stuff!

Second mural. After the first I became addicted

The "fall" gallery wall....not a huge favorite of mine. I wanted color on that big bare wall so one late night I started hanging up stuff and hoped for the best! This is an example of a seasonal wall gallery. I used fall colors, fall sayings, and incorporated some texture as well. I also did a Christmas wall but no photo of that!

This mural was created to serve the purpose of adding contrast to a very light "baby" blue room. Again....painting was not in my near future

Last but not least....the wall created for contrast...I still have this one up. It works for the space and warms up the light room. It's fun to change it up once in a while, but the overall structure remains unchanged. There was no lay-out process for this one...just "eye-balling" with a little luck. Total time it took to complete was about an hour.

So there you have it....the gallery wall syndrome! It is addicting once you've completed one but I promise you won't regret it! And don't give up after your first. It takes practice! Oh and price for these to nothing if you have the items/frames. If not go thrifting! Here's to experimenting with gallery walls in 2015!!!