Mantle Monday

Another weekend has come and gone.....and we face Monday head-on.(whether we want to or not!).  I'm having my coffee, the boys are still in bed, and I'm thinking about what projects have yet to be done.  The basement is our biggie right now....little by little we see progress.  But there's still time for all the little the mantle! imageimageimage

I went out on a limb and hung my sunburst mirror, which I think is perfect to liven up the space. It has been hanging in our bathroom where no one can see I thought it was time to showcase it.  Plus, with the Christmas decor down the space seemed bare and in need of color!  The mirror is navy blue; a color I can't seem to get enough of lately.   Navy on light gray is a beautiful thing. Classy and timeless.   Now for those other accessories..

Plain and simple makes a great mantle. I like to mix up pieces of different sizes, shapes, heights, and textures. The sign was not my own original (someday I plan to tackle signs).  I found it on clearance and liked the saying.  The owl planter....a thrift store find for a buck. It was dark brown before I laid my hands on it. I spray painted it gold/metallic.  The green ball (my boys think it's funny I call it a ball; one of many "greenery" balls they are prohibited from touching), was another clearance find at Hobby Lobby. I would never buy those at full price!

The blue glass mason jars...I use them all year long. They are versatile and pretty to look at. I usually put some type of arrangement in them...they need a little something more besides twigs....I better get on that....

And lastly, the pears/two-tiered bowl.   This is another year long accessory I use.  With a little re-arranging from season to season, they go a long way.  I made the bowl by glueing two bowls together with old candlestick holders. Then I spray painted them the same color (rustic/textured brown/copper).

And that's a wrap for the current post-Christmas season mantle in our home.  Simple, mostly hand-made, and pretty.  A  step-by-step tutorial for the sunburst mirror is yet to come.....

Happy mantle Monday!