Basement Refresh: Part 3

Slow but steady wins the last post on our basement refresh was in mid December!  It has been a long process but so fun to see the changes!   Below is a before shot......reminds me of a bad horror film! image

Below is the latest view....this is after hours of cleaning out junk, loading van loads of things to the donation center, organizing, spraying the walls, spraying the ceiling, and painting the floor.   I might have snuck in a little wall decor project along the way. Once those walls were a crisp white I couldn't resist a fun wall decor project on the cheap!  See my post Sunday Funday Project for those details.   As you can see the floor is not finished yet....and those unsightly red poles need to be painted as well.   We also had new track lighting installed. Makes a world of difference.


Originally I had ideas of my work space under the stairs but decided against it, in favor of a more open, well-lit space. See my future nook below.... image

Hard to visualize a cute and inspiring work space, huh? A little paint to the ceiling and walls already makes a positive impact... image Now we're getting somewhere. Here is another view of the painted space: image Hoping to finish the floor this week, obtain quote for mud/taping two unfinished walls, and carpet install in a couple weeks (carpet will go by tv/small window). Stay tuned for more updates to come!!!