5 Simple Budget-Friendly Basement Make-Over Tricks

Tonight I am like a child at Christmas. I am so excited to share how I gave my basement a face-lift.....on a budget! With some time, a little thought, and preparation you can do it too! Before you start, choose a section of your basement....the whole basement can be overwhelming. Pick a space you'd like to make functional. An ugly cold space void of color....a space in need of some TLC. We chose a corner where we wanted to have our computer as well as a work space for all my crafty shenanigans. Once you've decided on a plan you are ready for the tricks.....

1. Paint your space. This includes walls and ceiling. You know those pretty basement ceilings filled with wood and pipes? Paint them. I highly recommend a paint sprayer and eye/nose protection. Do not neglect your nose or Your boogers will be the color you choose.....guaranteed. And don't forget to paint the doors! From a dingy door to a sleek black door......what fun!

2. Lighting: this is key for any functional space. Whether it's lamps or new fixtures, you might consider this your one expense item....but there are numerous fixtures out there that are reasonably priced! Our three light track lighting fixture was about 60.00. Worth the price to brighten up my space! Gggg

3. Use old furniture! You don't have to buy new furniture to liven up a space. Look around your house.....is there a piece that serves no other purpose but to look good in that corner? If so, think about how to update it. Paint or new hardware can quickly achieve a new look/style. Take that piece of furniture to your new space. How will you use it? I painted an old table from my husband's bachelor days! It looks new and current now. It was my first gold-dipped victim....and it was a success! Now I gave a fun desk. We also hauled down a bookshelf from our living room....it now serves a purpose and it looks good in a different space. We continue to use our computer desk and I couldn't resist moving the orange chair from the living room. No one ever sat in that thing! And now not only do I have a chic chair ( that goes with the color scheme) but I have a cozy spot to sit when I'm blogging, reading blogs, or keeping my husband company while he's on the computer. The white chair with the pink seat....I made that last year. Now I have found a home for it! Love when that happens.

4. Go thrifting or scrounge up some decor items you have stored away, or that are in other locations of the house. This is my favorite part....accessorizing your new space. Don't buy new office organization pieces! They are over-priced and frankly just not that pretty to look at. Go thrifting and find some old mason jars for your paint brushes! Be creative with this.....it's your space and the best part is creating it on little to no cost! I had fun spray painting old frames a crisp white...then added my kids' art to them. Now we have a great new gallery wall filled with things we already had!

5. Incorporate texture! Rugs, pillows, throw blankets. The staples of any living Space! We decided to purchase a rug for our new space....and it definitely completes the look. So much warmer and inviting. Keeps our feet warm on that cold concrete floor! The pillow and blanket we already had....just grabbed them from other rooms in the house.

See below for the amazing transformation!!!!!




And there you have it. Five simple ways you can refresh your basement space of choice at minimal cost! It takes time to plan and prepare but once you know where you're heading with a space, let the fun begin. You can do this!