Gold-Dipped Desk: Fun & Fresh

  February 14, 2015

On Valentine's I'm thinking about The gold-dipped craze.  It certainly got my attention.  Lately it seems I cannot get enough of it!  From decor to furniture to my own personal accessories...I am a fan of gold these days.   I debated for some time whether to jump on the bandwagon and haul out my metallic spray paint. Then, while brainstorming ideas for updating a desk,  I thought why not?   Gold embellishments would not only update my desk, but provide me an opportunity to experiment with it.

Here is a look at the desk before:

I wasn't loving the orange-tinged finish with paint stains....or the black legs.  Prior to painting the legs black (like 10+years ago), the legs were dark green....I believe it was called "hunter green".  Remember that color?  This desk served as a kitchen table in my  husband's tiny apartment, long before I came along.   Since then it has traveled with us for 3 moves and has been mostly a computer desk.   The table has good bones and a simple design...making it the perfect piece for a little gold-dipping experimentation!

The materials I used for this project consisted of:

1. Citri-strip: good smelling non toxic stain stripper.  Paint it on, wait 30 minutes, scrape off. Old stain practically melts off the surface like warm butter.  I love this product!  Caution: very messy. Have plenty of paper towel on hand.  See photo below.

2.  Paint.  Any finish you choose. I prefer flat because it seems to sand more easily and evenly.  You can always add sheen with a little polyurethane!

3.  Sandpaper- This is for smoothing your surface after stripping.  Fine grit works great.

4.  Tack cloth- A small cloth with a sticky/tacky texture used to clean your surface of any sanded debris. This is an important step before staining!

5.  Min wax stain in Dark Walnut.

6.  Spray paint in gold metallic

7.  Painter's tape: used to protect non-sprayed areas and create crisp lines between sprayed and non-sprayed surfaces.  I only needed enough to circle all four table legs, at the top and bottom if each leg



This is the surface after stripping, sanding, and wiping ckean

The finished product

The desk in all it's fun fresh glory

I am pleased with how my first gold-dipped furniture piece turned out. Yes I jumped right on that bandwagon, and I'm glad I did!

What piece of furniture in your home do you dare to update? Have some fun. Gold-dip anyone?