Control the clutter with pretty storage options

Hello! Today's post is about the smaller details that make a house a home...and make it so much prettier too.  Today I'm sharing tips on ways to hide those unsightly home items (the stuff you can't really throw out, but have no idea where or how to store it).  

Whether you purchase your storage, or get creative and make your own, hopefully you'll walk away with some simple ideas to implement in your home! 

1.  Crates

Decorative crates are everywhere it seems!  Buy them new, or find them at thrift stores or yard sales and "clean them up"  Below is an example of an old wire crate found at a local thrift shop. It was cleaned, spray painted gold, and fabric lined: 

 The crate and basket/pillows look pretty right?  What's inside them is not.  Who knew?

The crate and basket/pillows look pretty right?  What's inside them is not.  Who knew?

2.  Smaller containers

Hide the small stuff with these smart "home-made" solutions.....

Using empty coffee cans or soup cans, place contact paper around them and label using label stickers. These are great for pantry items, art supplies, bathroom items, or anything small you want organized, and looking pretty! 

3.  Bookshelves or hutches

Bookshelves and hutches are great ways to store "things" in a pretty way.  You can hide smaller items in baskets or crates, and fill the gaps in with your decor....

Storing items non-traditionally in hutches is something we do often in our home. It's fun to use furniture in different ways, and helps to avoid the "shoving everything into drawers and closets" syndrome.  When something looks nice, we are more likely to continue that trend, putting all those "things" back where they belong. 

 This hutch is great for paint supplies and tools.

This hutch is great for paint supplies and tools.

And there you have it.  Simple storage options that will not only help you organize, but provide a pretty way to display all those things that clutter up the house!  They are especially great when you are expecting company!  Just hide that clutter and you're good to go!  

What do you use to hide all the clutter?  Have you ever made your own storage?  

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5 Steps to an easy DIY Family Command Center: For summer time too!

I don't know about you, but trying to keep papers organized at home has always been a challenge.  Before our DIY command center,  we'd been using our kitchen counter tops as a "paper collector", and it was highly ineffective.  Papers would get lost, throw out by accident, or buried.  (out of sight out of mind).   I knew we needed a solution. 

After browsing Pinterest, I decided to try a very simple version of a command center, that I knew I could keep up with.   

Here's what I used: 

1.  Two large bulletin (cork) boards measuring 2x3 feet.  They were not identical, as you can see, but that's OK because I covered them!


I wanted to utilize a narrow wall/corner in our kitchen for the command center. It's a wall I walk past everyday, and we can all see it easily.   My thought process was, if I could somehow attach these two boards, I could create one long, narrow board that would fit perfectly on that narrow wall.  

The boards, when placed vertically next to eachother, fit JUST RIGHT onto that wall. 


2.  Fabric:  Next I needed to find some fabric large enough to wrap around both of these boards. I found a tablecloth with a neutral color and pattern.  While I don't love it, I already had it on hand, and it works great for now; big enough to cover both boards nicely.  

3. Staple gun:  I used a staple gun to attach the edges of the fabric around the backside of the boards, all around the back edges.  Worked great.   If you don't have a staple gun you can use a glue gun, or a strong adhesive glue.  (sorry I totally forgot to take pictures of this step) 

"Wrapping" the boards was pretty easy ( and I didn't even attach the boards first!)  I placed my fabric face down on the  floor (sorry no picture!), and then put the boards face down, onto the fabric.  Then I pulled the fabric tight around the edges and stapled away.   

4.  Upholstery pins:  To give the board a more "finished" look, I used upholstery pins along the boarder.  I liked the result:

pins 2.jpg

5. Labels:  I made labels using typing paper, black paper, and the computer.  Why labels?  This is where the organization comes in....and my sanity...... 

I made labels for each child, and things like school, and events.  For now, I'm starting simple. I may add a category at some point, but so far this works.   Now, instead of piling up papers on our kitchen counters, I can stick them under the category they belong to.  They are easy to find, and I don't get confused with what papers belong to what kid! It's a win-win!  


Command Center: Effective, CHEAP! 

The boards were $1.99 a piece (Goodwill, of course!), and the fabric was $3.99 (also Goodwill).  For a giant command center that fits my wall perfectly, I'll pay $7.97 any day!  The upholstery pins came in a box of 30 and I bought them so long ago I do not remember what I paid! (Hobby Lobby).  

Feel the love

Here is what I love about this system:

1. . It was cheap to make

2. It was easy to make

3. It is easy to see and use

4. I can change it if I get sick of the fabric! I also have the flexibility to re-position the boards the horizontal way, creating a fatter, wider command center.   Nothing is permanent, in DIY world!!!

Do I run out of room on this board? 

Nope. And here's why:   The papers that do not absolutely have to be seen at all times go in labeled file folders, or, I pin a folder right to the board and put those papers inside.   By doing this, I save space, and still keep important papers close by.   

paper side view.jpg

And that's it!  So easy, and time-saving!  Our kitchen table and counter tops stay clear (most of the time) and I we can see what we need to at all times!!!

Do you have a family command center that works great for you??  If not, give this one a try!  

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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Home Decorating Photo Collection: Find me on Instagram

If you're reading this, than you're on Facebook pretty regularly. Great!  I hope you're seeing my "stuff" there, because I post frequently!  Where else can you find Novo Decor?  Instagram. 

My photo collection on Instagram (otherwise known as an instagram "feed"), is a visual representation of what I do.  There you'll you'll see all sorts of photos of behind-the-scenes painting, home decor/accessories, sneak peaks, and decorating reveals.  If you're already on Instagram, follow me!   If you're not on Instagram, you should still be able to view my photos.  This link will take you right to my "feed": 

Novo Decor on Instagram    

Inspiring home owners; refreshing homes

That's Novo Decor's mission!  How do I do that?  In words, this is how: 

I design and re-create rooms, (and furniture) in order to achieve a fresh new look and feel customers want, and love.       

In pictures, this is what that looks like:  


As you browse through my photos, I think (I hope!) you get a feel for my personality, and how it is demonstrated in my work.   People love seeing sneak peeks on projects, am I right?  And it's fun for customers to see the progress on their furniture, or room! 

Here's a quick look at some photos in my Instagram feed....

Interested in starting an Instagram account?  It's really easy, and FREE.  Go to   You will need a password and log-in.  As far as I know, you do not need to have an instagram account to view someone's Instagram profile.   

Hop on over to my Instagram "feed" and see tons more photos of all things home, decorating, painting, and DIY'ing.  

One more thing.......Novo Decor does FREE home consultations.  Always.  Have a piece of furniture you'd love to see updated, or need ideas for a room in the house?  Contact me to set up your consultation!!!  I'd love to help. 

Be sure to check in to Facebook regularly for my blog articles!!  Coming up this week: 

5 Steps to an easy DIY family command center

Control the clutter with pretty storage

Have a great week,


Your Soul Home

Happy Friday! This week Novo Decor has been sharing ideas and inspiration for our homes.  Whether you have big projects to tackle, or just want tips and tricks for all the "little" projects on the to-do list, I hope you've received a bit of inspiration this week. 

Today we're talking about your soul home. 

soul home blog.png

What's your soul home? 

When your home represents who you are, tells your story, and gives off a look and feel you love, you've got your soul home!  Our soul homes are not something we can create overnight, nor should we!  

Your soul home is an idea that grows with time, the more you think about it.  Never thought about your home as your "soul home"?  Here is a list of questions to ponder, as you consider your home....

  • What does your home tell you about the people who live there? 
  • How does your home make you feel?
  • Why does your home make you feel that way?  
  • Are there rooms that are un-used?  Why? 
  • Do your walls or shelves contain memories of your life? 
  • Do you display things you've collected over the years, that are reminders of a trip or event you are fond of? 
  • Does your home reflect your beliefs?  How? 
  • Does your home reflect your wishes and desires?  How about others that live in your home; are their wishes and desires reflected? 

Your Soul Home: One step closer

Start by answering the above questions, and you're one step closer to uncovering what a soul home means to you, and how it might look. 

And remember, creating your soul home is a lifetime journey; room by room, bit by bit.  

Have a great weekend, 



Screened porch style: REVEAL!

Hello and happy Friday! It is absolutely beautiful today!  Praise God.   I spent my morning decorating a screened-in porch.  I'm sharing the before/after pictures here for you today. I hope you like what you see....and I can't wait to hear what the home-owners think!!! 

Here are the BEFORE pictures: 

before 2.jpg
before 3.jpg
before 4.jpg
before 5.jpg
 The dresser used to be in the home-owner's basement, unused. I painted it black and put some new hardware on it. I also added a fun surprise inside (see below).  This dresser will be great for a porch "buffet" area!!  

The dresser used to be in the home-owner's basement, unused. I painted it black and put some new hardware on it. I also added a fun surprise inside (see below).  This dresser will be great for a porch "buffet" area!!  

drawer pulls.jpg
fabric drawers.jpg

The room had a GREAT start before I even touched it, with two large matching rugs that actually served as my inspiration for the color scheme. The home-owner also bought a few new chairs for the "new" and improved space.  (I gave her selections to choose from. They made a great choice).  They already had the table/chair set.  

This morning's project included:

  • Window treatments/rods
  • Wall accessories/pictures
  • Table accessories
  • Chair cushions
  • Floor lamp/table lamp
  • One accent chair (wicker)
  • Throw pillows/blankets

Here are the AFTER pictures: 

porch nook.jpg
nook 1.jpg
nook 2.jpg
nook close.jpg
wicker chair.jpg
east corner lamp.jpg
east corner and chair.jpg
chair blue blanket.jpg
table after.jpg
table scape.jpg
table curtains.jpg
place setting.jpg
white table corner.jpg
west corner.jpg
table dresser chair.jpg
table nook dresser.jpg
table nook dresser.jpg
wreath on brick.jpg
table and chairs.jpg
dresser 1.jpg

And that's a wrap!  This was such a fun project to design, and install for this family! I hope they enjoy their new porch as much as I enjoyed putting it all together for them!   

Doesn't this make you want to go and spruce up your porch now?  It does for me! 




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Screen Porch Style: sneak peek

Do you have a screened-in porch that needs a little TLC?   So did this family!  But not for long.....because this Friday, May 26, their porch will get a new look!   

The porch had a good base to begin with:

  • Wood floor
  • Vaulted ceiling
  • Tons of natural light coming in from all three sides of the porch
  • Two large outdoor rugs in black/cream 

The porch was missing: 

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Warmth
  • Functionality

For the new and improved space, the home-owners hoped for: 

  • Color
  • Closed storage
  • Accessories 
  • Added seating
  • Window treatments
  • more lighting

The design plan

I used the rugs as inspiration for the color scheme, and style for the porch.  Black is such a great accent color, and when I have the chance to pull it in, I do!  


The dominant colors the room will be sporting:

  • greens
  • grays
  • whites/creams
  • a splash of teal blue
  • a smidgin' of yellow
  • a speck of red  

Move it around!

The porch will be more functional, with the table/chair relocated over one rug, and the other rug placed on the other side of the porch, where a seating arrangement will go.  Rugs are great for setting boundaries between different types of spaces in a single room. 


I painted a dresser the customer already owned, black.  It will be great for storing table supplies like napkins and other "things" you don't want sitting out.  That dresser will provide a nice flat surface for accessories!  The dresser will serve as a non-traditional buffet.  I love this concept! 

The table/chairs were already in the space, and the customer purchased three additional seating options for the room; two matching wicker/cushion chairs, and a papasan chair!  The cushions are cream.  (Can't wait to get pillows on these!)

Style in the details

The drawers were lined with fabric containing the accent colors for the space. It's fun to add whimsy to a room with detail like this.....

fabric drawers.jpg

Some of the dresser hardware was changed, and the rest were painted white.  I incorporated white in the hardware, which looks striking against the black drawers. The white hardware also ties in with the fabric lined drawers.  (it's in the details!) 

drawer pulls.jpg


Typically the larger a room, the larger the accessories can be!  When larger accessories like pictures, and table top pieces are used, a little can go a long way.

Accessories that were added to the porch:

  • Wicker of varying shades (vases, trays, baskets, lamp base, chair)
pillows on chair.jpg
  • Floral arrangements (smidgin' of yellow)
 I'll be using this large wicker vase and the yellow flowers in the family's porch area

I'll be using this large wicker vase and the yellow flowers in the family's porch area

  • Greenery (wreath) 
  • Glass items with color (buffet area, table)
  • Floor lamp/table lamp
  • Window panels (curtains) 
  • decorative pillows for seating area
  • Seat cushions for dining table
  • Table accessories

I wish I could show you more, but I can't just yet!   It has been so fun designing the space, and I can't wait to see it all come together this Friday! 

I hope you tune in on Friday, May 26 to see the actual porch getting its face-lift!! I will be posting sneak peeks on Facebook all morning, with a full blog post to follow! 


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Debunk these myths and eliminate your home decorating headaches

Good morning!  I'm back on the blog today, talking about the most common home decorating headaches that busy home-owners experience.  But first, let's debunk a couple myths about hiring a decorator: 

1.  "It's too pricey"  or "It's just an added expense"

This one is going to be debunked FAST, because it couldn't be further from the truth!  What sets Novo Decor apart form traditional interior decorators is that projects are done using as much of what the customer already owns as possible. Then, new items are added where necessary, and the "old" outdated stuff is given new life....using a few tricks up my sleeve.  

I even offer a decorating service where I use ONLY what the customer already has.   The customer pays for nothing new, except of course, fresh ideas!  

Novo Decor is resourceful, and customers love it.  Decorating packages are tailored to each customer's budget.  No surprises.  In the end, my packages SAVE the customer money.  Here's how......

2.  "I'll save money if I do it myself"

I'm going to debunk this one.....NOW.   I've seen so many home-owners struggle with successfully finishing a room. Whether it's lack of time, or simply not knowing how to pull it together, the room doesn't get done. 

Often what happens for many home-owners is that shopping trips become longer, more frequent, or more sporadic. Why?  Because finding the right pieces, (or knowing what pieces to look for), isn't as easy as we'd like.   

The result? Frustration. Too many shopping trips. Time wasted.  The on-line "coma", (browsing endlessly and end up buying nothing, OR, buying "things" that look good on-line,or in-store, but don't seem to fit together once we get them).  

These things lead to an unfinished room, and a whopping 89% of home-owners have a room in the house that is unfinished.   Are you one of them? 

Home decorating headaches Summarized

1.  No time!  Things get busy.  It's easy to fall into the trap of a busy schedule.  Due to limited time, a plan doesn't happen, let alone finding what is needed for the space.  The result is a room (or rooms) that never gets done. 

2.  Lack of skill.  Not knowing where to start, or how to pull a room together is the biggest reason a room goes un-styled, and unfinished.  

3.  No desire.  Going back to #1, things get busy.  When we're busy, our home interiors get put on the back burner. In fact, many things we want/need to get done, are put on the back burner when we're pressed for time.   Having a put-together home interior doesn't have to though. 

Think about it:   The point of hiring any professional to come into our homes and do something for us, is that they do it for us!  Why? Because we don't really want to do it ourselves, or, we don't know how to do it.   Could we do it ourselves?  Probably.  Would there be guarantees we did it well, or correctly?  Nope.  Do we have time to do it ourselves?  Heck no.  

For those home decorating "headaches"......Good-bye advil, hello Consultation

A FREE home consultation with Novo Decor is the first step.  Get suggestions, and tips customized for YOUR no cost.  New to Novo Decor?  Get 10% OFF if you book a service with me! 

See the Anderson's room project HERE  They had their FREE consultation back in February, and in April, their room was DONE for them.   Not bad! 

"A free consultation?  That's not typical in the decorating "biz".  You're right.  But Novo Decor is not your traditional interior design service.  Schedule your consultation below.... 

No one likes a headache.  There are decorating headaches out there that need eliminating. 

Get rid of the headaches and let Novo Decor........

  • design any room in your home, including color scheme, furniture selection, rug selection, decor, and accessories using a digital photo collection of hand-selected items for your space.  This is called a Design Board.  This service also includes a where-to-buy guide, which means zero hassle for you.  Just look at the plan, guide, and get your shopping done in less than 30 minutes (if you do it on-line!).  

Here is an example of what a Design Board looks like: 

Brooke Design Board #1 FINAL.png
  • decorate a room for you, using what you already have on hand.  No need to buy all new things. You'd be surprised how a room can be freshened up simply by using pieces in different ways, re-arranging furniture, and decor. 
 All these pieces were already in the house. It was a matter of finding them, re-locating them, and piecing them together, for a fresh new dining area.

All these pieces were already in the house. It was a matter of finding them, re-locating them, and piecing them together, for a fresh new dining area.

  • design and decorate a room for you.  All the necessary pieces for a room are brought in, and the whole room is styled for you.  
4 photo grid BEFORE.png
 This was a full room  make-over, including new color scheme, accessories on the walls, shelves, and a painted desk perfect for that small nook in the corner. 

This was a full room  make-over, including new color scheme, accessories on the walls, shelves, and a painted desk perfect for that small nook in the corner. 

For more information on Novo Decor's decorating services, go to the link below: 


Remember, 89% of home-owners have an unfinished room in the house.   Are you one of them?    


Find Novo Decor on FACEBOOK!!!   



Beige to Brilliantly colorful room: BEFORE/AFTERS

Greetings!  Iit's time to show you a recent job I completed for a young couple.  It was a living room/kitchen area that needed some pizazz. And pizazz it got....with plenty of color, texture, and pattern.

The space I had to work with was BIG, including vaulted ceilings.  What to do with all that space?   Here is a how the design process unfolded, along with pictures.......

1.  Start with a rug

Rugs are a great starting point for any room. They help determine color scheme selection, and set the tone for the room. 

For this room, I chose a very LARGE rug, 9 feet by 12 feet.  My general rule  of thumb is, the larger the space, the larger the rug.   Plus, this room has a huge sectional sofa, which was in need of a rug large enough to accommodate it. 

This is the rug that I selected: 

peacock rug.jpg

Here is how the rug looks in the space: 

full rug and mantle.jpg


That is one colorful rug.  I was drawn to the mix of warm and cool colors, and knew it would work great in a room with gold-ish/beige walls.  The adjoining kitchen/eating area was painted in yellow; also another reason I was drawn to this rug. The rug has just enough yellow in it to tie the rooms together.  

2.  Go big or go home (furniture selection in large spaces) 

Next, I brought in a large TV console.  Again, a room that is large, needs large pieces.   If you've got many smaller pieces in a large space, those pieces can appear to be floating around, lost at sea.  When you've got a big room, go big or go home I say!  This concept is illustrated below: 

Here is the TV console BEFORE: 

 This console gets swallowed up and is too small for the space. 

This console gets swallowed up and is too small for the space. 

And here is the TV console AFTER: 

 This console utilizes the space well. 

This console utilizes the space well. 

3. Dress up the walls (and windows) 

Walls can be a struggle. Especially when you have lots of wall space.  I used the TV/console to help break up the large wall on that side of the room.  I used the remaining wall space for a little "gallery" of "things".  (you know how I love a good gallery wall).   I can also see an accent chair in that corner, to finish off the space. 

console rug.jpg

I didn't need to use a lot of wall art, but it was necessary to add pieces here and there to help create a more finished look.  The curtains on each end of the window really made a difference in warming up the space, and helping to achieve that finished look.   Windows need a little something! 

Here is the fireplace wall BEFORE curtains: 

 The windows look like they a little love.  And window treatments CAN be super they are in this space (see photos below) 

The windows look like they a little love.  And window treatments CAN be super they are in this space (see photos below) 

window before.jpg

Here is the fireplace wall AFTER curtains:  (darn I don 't have a full picture of the wall due to the lighting!). But I think you get the idea.....the windows are dressed simply with one panel on each end, and two short window rods.    (the curtains also add great pattern and movement to the room) 

full rug.jpg
curtain right.jpg

5.  Don't forget the mantle

Since the room is so large, and the ceilings so high, larger accessories were a must.  I used a hand-painted mirror, and two vases full of awesome (fake) florals for the mantle.

Tip: Floral arrangements are a great way to incorporate your color scheme into the mix.  Since my intention was to tie together the yellow kitchen with this neighboring living room, the yellow flowers got the job done! 

mantle after.jpg

This is what the mantle looked like before: 

 pretty lonely! 

pretty lonely! 

6.  Accessories

The accessories are the final step. Once the key items are in place like curtains, furniture, and rugs, it's time to fill in the gaps with decor.   Throw pillows brought in tons of color and texture into this space, and provided balance against the color-packed rug: 

rug flatlay.jpg
lamp pillows.jpg
tv accessory.jpg
painted console.jpg
mantle accessiry.jpg
lamp mantle.jpg

7. Tie in adjoining rooms with color

After the living room was finished, it was time to move on to the adjoining kitchen, and eating area.  By adding just a few elements to this space, better balance was achieved between the two rooms.  Here is what I did: 

  • added window panels to warm up the space and frame the windows (more color, and warms up space) 
  • added a table centerpiece, and place mats (texture!) 
  • added a window valance over the kitchen sink (color)
  • re-arranged and added a few items above the cabinetry (candlesticks, baskets, dishes)
  • added a rug (more color)
  • re-hung wall art that was painted to better coordinate with the new color scheme

Attending to an adjoining room when you've just finished a room, doesn't have to be complicated!  Start with color, and find ways to bring in your key colors, into the adjoining room.   

I brought in blues, and reds, and of course added some greenery (because every room I do has greenery....and a globe!)

Here are some before shots of the kitchen/eating area: (terrible photos, taken at night. Sorry):

kitchen begore 1.jpg
kitchen before 2.jpg

Here is the kitchen area AFTER: 

kitchen table after.jpg
 Typically long curtains should reach the floor, however in kitchens it's OK to have a bit of space between the curtain and floor.  These curtains hang all the way to the trim, making it work. 

Typically long curtains should reach the floor, however in kitchens it's OK to have a bit of space between the curtain and floor.  These curtains hang all the way to the trim, making it work. 

Unfortunately while recently "cleaning up" my phone, I erased additional pictures I had of the kitchen "AFTER" shots. Darn!   A few simple additions with color, and the two rooms were instantly more cohesive. 

And that's a wrap for the "Beige to brilliantly colorful room" project.  It was a win-win for the the home-owners of this home, because they didn't have to spend any time planning, or shopping for the room; both things which they don't necessarily love to do.   The result is a room they love, and that're more representative of their tastes and personalities! 

Thank you Laura and Craig!  I hope you continue to enjoy your "new" rooms. 



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Decorating with Novo Decor: What's right for you?

Greetings!  I am excited to share that Novo Decor has created a new service, and product!

Up until now, I've provided two main services:

1.  Furniture painting

2. Decorating (partial or full room plan)

I heart decorating

Designing and re-creating a space is truly where my heart is, and that is where I will be focusing my services.  Though I will continue to paint furniture, these types of projects will not stand on their own, but rather, will be part of a room design/decorating project (if the room design calls for it). 

Decorating: Thrice the joy!

Novo Decor offers three decorating packages.  Each package is tailored to the customer, and starts with a home consultation.  The home consultation is an opportunity for me to see the customer's home, and get to know his/her style and needs for a particular room.  

Keeping it simply in 2018

1. Design Board:  

A design board is a digital room plan that I design for the customer.  The board includes pictures of all the necessary decor, accessories, and furniture for the space.  A convenient product where-to-buy guide, and potential cost is also included.     

This option is for the home-owner who: 

1. Doesn't know how to choose decor, accessories, and/or furniture for the roo

2. Lacks time, and/or desire to plan it on their own

3. Is fine with the shopping part (on-line or in-store), if they have a plan to follow/where-to-buy guide.  They may say something like this.......

"Just tell me what to buy, and where to buy it" 

This option is recommended for the those who, once they've got what they need for the room, they WILL tackle the job AND get it done on their own.  

2.  Design Board + Styling: 

This option includes a Design Board (see #1), and a full styling service.  

This option is for the home-owner who:

1.  Wants someone to put the room together FOR them. So many home-owners struggle with putting a room together. They browse Pinterest, or look in magazines and see plenty of looks they love, but they can't achieve the look they love on their own. 

3.  Full room design + Styling: 

This option includes full room design plus styling, which means that a plan is devised for the customer, decor and accessories are brought in, and the room is styled for the customer. 

This option is for the home-owner who

a.  Prefers the convenience of having someone else do it all for them.  

b. Has limited time or skills to get it done themselves

Which one is right for you? 

Whether you're not sure how to get started, or can't seem to finish that room, Novo Decor has a service specifically tailored to your needs. 

During the month of April, take advantage of my FREE home consultation and get instant ideas for your space.   So easy.  So smart!  

Do you have a room you just can't done?  How about a room you don't like?  Get your FREE consultation. I'd seriously love to help.  

Do you have teenage daughter who needs an updated bedroom this spring?? Book any service with Novo Decor and get %10 Off your order. 

Have a great week!






Home decorating trends 2018: Part Three

I've been occupied with making digital design boards this week, that I forgot to post part three to the Home decorating trends in 2018!!  Here it is....

It's time for part three to my mini blog series "Home decorating trends 2018".  I came across a 20-item list on Pinterest of 2018's top decorating trends, and thought I'd share it with you.  If you missed parts one and two, you can see them here: 

Home decorating trends 2018: Part One

Home decorating trends 2018: Part Two

Onward to #15-20...... 

15.  Two-toned cabinets

Who says kitchen cabinets have to all be the same color?  They don't.  Generally though, the trend is making one portion or section of cabinetry one color, and another part, another color. Here is an example of two-toned cabinetry in a kitchen: 

 photo from Becky Owen Design

photo from Becky Owen Design

The island is left a dark natural wood tone, while the cabinetry was painted blue.  It totally works. This is a great option for you if you'd like a pop of color in your cabinetry, but are kind of scared to have them ALL painted. 

16. Brass fixtures

Brass is back, peeps!  Don't get rid of your old brass fixtures just yet.   I love the look of brass in the photo below, against the dark subway tile and cabinetry.  Beautiful!  

 Photo from:

Photo from:

17.  Concrete  (table tops, walls, counters)

Concrete inside the house?  Yep. It's popular, and in some cases I rather like it.  I know nothing about how easy they are to clean, or maintain, but they can't be too high maintenance can they?  

 photo from Deco-Crete Supply Inc. 

photo from Deco-Crete Supply Inc. 

Here is another example of concrete inside the house.......the walls....

 photo from

photo from

Now, I'm all about pink wall art....but I'm not sure how to feel about these pink pictures against a concrete wall. It looks......cold.  Brrrrrrr.   I feel like cuddling up to a good movie in this room would be a challenge. 

18.  Dark wood

Rich, dark wood finishes are beautiful!  And, even though I paint furniture, there are certain pieces I won't touch, due to their beautiful rich wood finish!  Here is a dark chocolate-y piece of furniture for you: 

 photo from  via Worldwide DIY Design

photo from  via Worldwide DIY Design

Dark wood floors have also been trending. They are simply gorgeous.  And honestly, they'll never go out of style in my book: 

 photo from

photo from

19.  3D Wall Decor

Who knew wall decor could be 3D?  Let's take a look.....

 design sponge

design sponge

The next example is definitely beyond my wall decor skill-set.  What do you think?   Yay or nay? It makes me want to grab a smoothing tool and get to work pronto.

The next 3D wall art example is one we're more familiar with.  These have made their way into many-a-crafters homes...

 photo from Quiet Corner

photo from Quiet Corner

20. Retro Furniture

Retro furniture.  You are either a retro lover, retro hater, or somewhere in between.  I happen to be smack in the middle.  A little retro goes a long way for me.  

This chair is an example of retro style furniture.  Unique shape, simple lines, and wood arms/legs.  The patterned fabric gives it that extra retro boost. 

 photo from

photo from

This chair is fun and edgy, yet not too crazy that you get sick of it after 3 months.  I'd add a piece like this to any room.  

On the flip side, there is such a thing as retro overload; think Carol Brady's kitchen (If you're under 33, you may have to google it) 

And there you have it!!  The final six home decorating trends in 2018! Thoughts?  Anything you loved, or didn't love?  Which one will you try this year? 

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