Re-upholstering benches: Make one, or place your custom order!

Today I'm re-posting a tutorial I shared one year ago, almost to the day!  I get questions about upholstering every couple months, and while I do not do large pieces like sofas, and arm chairs, I DO simple stools and benches.  Here is a simple step by step tutorial for you, if you are so inclined to tackle a little bench of your own!  If you don't want to do your own, I am happy to me! 

Stools and benches are EVERYWHERE in second hand stores.  They are one of the most versatile and easy to update pieces, but often they are quite ugly upon first sight.  If you can look past the ugliness, however, you are one step ahead....and on your way to having an awesome accent piece for your home. 

Don't let upholstering scare you!  It's easier than it looks.  This is a simple tutorial on what you can do with your bench/stool! 

Here is what you'll need:

  • Staple gun
  • Fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • screw driver
  • Foam cushion (or pillow "stuffing" sometimes works) You can find these at Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics, or Michael's. 
  • Stool or bench (old piano benches are great for this)


Consider using fabric with bold patterns and colors that accentuate or compliment your home interior.  






TIP: fabric scissors work best. If your scissors is even slightly dull, cutting fabric will become a strongly disliked task! Trust me! 




TIP:  foam cushions work best and provide a firmer surface for your bench, but "stuffing" or batting can also work.  Batting that comes in sheets is easier to work with than batting bunched up in a ball.  

The photo to the left shows a sheet of batting. You can double up your layers to create a thicker seat cushion. 

Here's how:

1.  Flip the bench on its back.  You'll see screws in each corner.  Unscrew those using a screw driver.  Once all screws are out, the top of the bench should pop right off.

2.  Remove the old foam and fabric from the wood base.  You will see staples securing the old fabric to the wood base.  To remove the staples use a flat screw driver and try to wiggle your way under the staple. Then pry it up. Sometimes you'll pry off only one end of a taple. If that happens you can use a pliers to pull the other end out. 

3.  Now you have your bare bench/stool frame.  Painting the base is optional but remember to paint before adding the new fabric/upholstery! 

Below is the bench base right after the cushion/seat was removed.    On the right the bench base has been painted green! Just more fun, don't you think?

4.  Cut your foam piece to size.  Your foam or batting layer should be slightly larger (a centimeter or less) than the seat of the bench, on all four sides.  This is necessary so that the hard/wood edges of the bench base are fully covered.   In the picture below, two layers of batting are used instead of a foam cushion.  Either works. 

5.  Once your foam/batting is cut. Cut your fabric.  I usually leave about 2 inhes of extra fabric all the way around the bench base. Having a little more fabric around the edges makes "wrapping" it to the bench a little easier.  In the above picture you can see the fabric extends a couple more inches beyond the batting/base of bench.  

So, this will be the order of your pieces:  1. fabric lying flat, 2. cushion or batting layers laying on top the fabric, 3. bench base (usually made of wood)

6.  Start "wrapping" your base/foam layers like a present.  Start with the corners and work your way around the wood base, pulling tightly and stapling as you go.  Tip: when pulling the fabric, be careful not to pull too hard. You don't want to use up all the fabric on one side, and not have enough left on the other side to pull over your wood base.  

Below the fabric is wrapped around the entire bench base and cushion. Staples secure it to the bottom of the wood base: 

Tip:  When you are wrapping the fabric, do not cover up  the original screw holes with your fabric!  You will need these holes to be easily accessible when it's time to put the screws back in to the base.  You can see in the photo above I cut little half circles of fabric where the screw holes are. 

7.  Attach your newly upholstered seat cushion to the base of the stool/bench.  Just lay the seat cushion on its back, and place the base over it making sure to line up holes on the base, with the screw holes in the bottom of the seat. See photo below. 

TIP:  Sometimes old screws are rusty or just need replacing.  If you are using new screws,  consider these tips:  1.  make sure they are the same length as the old ones 2. Make sure they are long enough to go through the wood base and bench seat, and 3. Make sure the screws aren't so long that they go through your cushion!  That would be a huge bummer. That is why I included tip #1 above: use screws the same size as the old ones were! That way you can be sure they won't go through the cushion. 

Once all screwed in, your little bench is DONE! 

Then you can make more and more of these cute benches.....

These little benches work great for kids' or adult desk seats. They can also stand alone with the only purpose of adding a fun punch of color anywhere in the home! Longer benches are also great for the foot of the bed, an entry-way, or porch. 

Hopefully today's tips will inspire you and take the  "scary" away!  Always start small.  And if doing this on your own sounds awful, just ask me! I'm happy to go bench hunting for, paint it and re-upholster with a fabric of your choice! 

Happy upholstering!  

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Decorating challenged? Unfinished room? You need a coach!

October has gotten off to an exciting start.  I am offering FREE home coaching session all month!  These are 30 minute, no-pressure, home decorating sessions that will give you tips on what to do with that room you want to "re-do", or freshen up!   Though I am passionate about decorating spaces, it's also about how these spaces inspire home-owners (you!) and evoke an even stronger love for home! 

Each home-owner is unique, just like each design plan.

How do you know if a home coaching session is right for you?

If you own a home, you are a candidate!   The best part is, IT'S FREE.  

When people ask me about my business, the topic of homes naturally comes up.  Here are some common scenarios I hear: 

quote one.png
quoate three.png

These are statements from home owners who need support in the form of concrete ideas, and direction.  They have a genuine desire to make their home look nice, but they face obstacles with decorating.  Maybe they need help with ALL facets of decorating, OR, maybe it's just an area or two they need help with?  Are you that home-owner?    

How about the home owner that generally does a nice job decorating, & implements new ideas, but needs encouragement?   This home-owner might be stumped with a particular room in the house, and wants additional suggestions for getting it done once and for all.   Does this sound like you? 

And the list of home-owner types goes on! The point is that each home-owner is unique.  There is no cookie cutter guide that fits every home, or every home-owner.  Room plans need to be customized to each unique home-owner's needs.  My coaching sessions are designed to do just that. 

The session itself

Have a notebook/pen ready and take notes to your heart's content, because I will be sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and suggestions for your room (s)!  Your questions will be answered. Your dilemmas will be solved.  The 30 minute session will give you just what you need to tackle that room (or rooms!) before the busy holiday season.    

FREE. FAST. FUN. FINISHED (or well on your way to finished!).  

Don't wait to schedule your session!  I really hope to meet you, and help you GET IT DONE! 


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Your flat screen dilemma solved: Try this!

It is the age of flat screens.  And they just keep getting bigger, and bigger.  While they are great for Packer Sundays, they aren't the prettiest things to look at when they are turned off. They stand out like sore thumbs, and can kill the "decorative vibe" of a room.  


I've seen beautifully built sliding doors on Pinterest. This would be a fabulous, permanent option, and would definitely hide the TV.    But, carpentry is not a skill set of mine, and this clearly was not my best option.  Another option: I could hire a carpenter to build one for me, but that gets costly.  So what did I do?   I came up with a simple solution that can be temporary, or permanent........

Surround your flat screen with items of interest; things like wall hangings, pictures, and furniture.   

So how is this a solution? That black rectangle is still visible for all to see isn't it?!  Yes you are right.  It's still visible, BUT,  by hanging & placing items of interest on the wall around the flat screen, you detract attention away from the TV.  You also eliminate the "floating TV phenomenon".    

Problem solved!  At least for now. Maybe there will come a day when something else will prove to be a better (and still cost-effective) solution, but for now, I'm holding on to this one.  

Here are a few ways I've implemented this solution in the past.........

Without the love seat, wall accessories, and the smaller furniture pieces, this TV would appear to be.....a bird, a plane.....Nope.  A floating TV! 

Without the love seat, wall accessories, and the smaller furniture pieces, this TV would appear to be.....a bird, a plane.....Nope.  A floating TV! 

The love seat, pictures, and tables fill in the gaps so the TV doesn't demand attention when you enter the room.  The love seat, and the pictures also help eliminate the "floating TV" look.  No one wants a floating TV on the wall.  Don't be afraid to fill in those gaps! 


The other great part about this solution is that it can be temporary! If you don't like your arrangement, change it!   Try new arrangements until you like what you see. 

Below is another example.......placing furniture below the TV, can help eliminate the floating TV phenomenon.  Plus, you can store all your DVD's and kids' games in a buffet like this.  It's a win-win! 


If your flat screen is hanging on the wall like ours, what else can you bring into the space below the TV to eliminate the floating effect? Consider these ideas:

  • Console table, or long dresser.  Place two lamps, one on each side of the table.  The height of the lamps helps frame in the TV
  • A chair, or a chair set placed side by side. Add a small table in between them.  No you cannot watch TV from these chairs, but, every room needs a few additional seating options, AND, when you have guests, it' nice to position your seating in a circular fashion, versus all lined up facing the TV!
  • Sofa or love-seat (like you saw above)
  • Bookshelves
  • smaller hutch
  • Wall decor/pictures! 

What if your flat screen isn't hanging on the wall, but sitting on a console table?   The same suggestions above, apply! Fill in the gaps around your TV.  


1.  You have a giant TV on your wall, or in your "pretty" living area and it bugs you (when it's not being watched!).  You want a pretty, serene room, and that TV just gets in the way. 

2. You are short on time, and carpentry skills so you cannot "build" a sliding door, or any other permanent solution.  What do you do? 

3.  Add items to the areas surrounding your flat screen!  It can be furniture, wall decor, or other smaller furniture pieces.  This is an easy solution that really will make a difference on that wall where your GIANT TV lives.    Good luck and have fun!  




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Giant old picture turned chic & modern (heck yes!)

Greetings and happy Friday! I'm getting off to a little bit of a later start on this Friday, but I didn't forget about "Friday Finds"!  "Friday Finds" features a "thrifted" find each week.  But not just any thrifted find; a thrifted find that ROCKS.  When you thrift as often as I do, you get really good at spotting the "gems"!  And this week's featured find is certainly a gem. 

Friday Find:  Giant Old Picture

Yes that's right friends!  Snatch up those old framed canvas pictures and work some artful magic to them.  These old picture are also lightweight, so no big deal hanging them.  Here she is: 


Now, this picture is a print.   It's NOT a hand painted picture.  Knowing this, I do not feel so bad about the fact that I'm going to change it completely.  What that change will be, remains unknown to me, but, the potential exists for a really awesome piece of wall art.   Sometimes I have to look at something for a while before getting inspired with ideas. 

What to do? 

Maybe I'll make a sign?  Maybe I'll paint an abstract design on it?  Maybe I'll attach cork board to it and turn it into a super cute cork board (which, by the way, we desperately need in our house. Drowning in papers here.  How about you?) 

Let's look at some examples of old pictures, turned into chic modern art:  


before picture.jpg


after picture.jpg

These old large canvases are perfect for re-creating something fresh and new.   Incorporate seaonal colors into an old piece like this and you've got yourself a new centerpiece for the mantle! 

You could even find a collection of smaller framed canvases and create a fun gallery wall.  Here is another example....

bed straight on.jpg

I chose to leave the old frame as it was, because I liked that natural wood element in the room.  Like I always say, some wood is just not meant to be painted!  This frame was one such example. I painted the canvas white using a paint roller. When that dried, I applied painter's tape in the pattern I wanted.  Lastly, I painted over the whole thing in navy, and then peeled off the tape.  DONE! 


If you have a large empty wall, pictures like these can fill the gap quickly, easily, and at very low-cost!   I've spent anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99!   No idea what you'd paint on these giant canvases?   Tip:  Go to you favorite home store website/store and look at their giant art for inspiration.  It doesn't have to be a complex design! In fact, the simpler the better. 

If it doesn't turn out, it can be painted over again, and again, and again!  If you're really in a bind, I might have to step in and give you a hand with that.  

Happy Thrifting everyone and happy Friday!!!!  Woop!!! Gotta love Friday family fun nights. 


Welcome Fall: Now the fun begins

Greetings! Not only is today Friday (yahoo!), but it's the first day of Fall!  Though it hasn't felt like fall all week outside, maybe it's starting to inside the house?  If you saw my Fall Countdown this week, I hope you liked it and tried at least one thing to prepare your home for the new season!   

"Wait, what?  Fall countdown? Where?"

If that is you, yes, there was indeed a fall countdown I shared on Novo Decor's Facebook page all week.  It's purpose?  To give you a jump start on your Fall-ready home!  I've included the links to all my posts here: 

Fall Countdown: Day #1 So long summer

Fall Countdown: Day #2 Get organized

Fall Countdown: Day #3: Got Fall Decor?

Fall Countdown: Day #4:  Make a Fall DIY!

Today is day #5, the final day of "Fall week", but I am not adding anything new for your Fall-ready home.  Instead, I thought I'd share a re-cap from the past week at Novo Decor....

Preparing your home for Fall: 

Put away summer stuff (finally!) and get organized

See the full blog post at the link above: Day #1)

See the full blog post at the link above: Day #1)

Getting organized allows more space for all the fun decor that Fall brings!  Replace those beach bags and pool noodles with rustic baskets and fall floral this very simple one YOU can make (in 15 minutes or less)....

From Day #4 (See the full tutorial at the link above)

From Day #4 (See the full tutorial at the link above)

fall mantle.png

Fall decor doesn't have to say "Welcome Fall" or "Happy Fall y'all". Fall decorating means a mix of rich colors and textures.  Try throw blankets, decorative pillows, baskets, and rustic decor like wood crates or trays!  Mix it up, mix it up, mix it up!  The more mixed, the better! 


Mixing patterns is fun in Fall.  I think of rustic-ness when I think of Fall, and "rustic-ness" isn't perfect! That's what makes it great, and lived in, and cozy, and YOURS.  


Add some old wooden crates to the mix....


Fall colors don't have to be the traditional fall colors! I love yellow, but say good-bye to the yellow, brown, red, and orange combination! It's time to try something a deep, rich pink mixed in! Pair a non-traditional fall color like fuscia with your old fall "go-to" color orange or yellow!  It works.  

fall decor watermark.png
pink rug.jpg

Fall decor "staples" to try this year

  • Rustic framed mirrors

  • Bold floral arrangements  

  • Mason jars!   

You can't go wrong with a simple Mason jar filled with twigs! Yes twigs from your yard serve as a gorgeous fall accent!  I use them often. 

Fall Countdown comes to an end

To all good things, there must come an end right?  Fall countdown is ending today, but now the real fun begins!  The weather will start cooling down, and those leaves will turn. When these things happen, you can't help but add something to your home that reminds you of Fall!

I hope you've taken away a tip or two from this week's Fall countdown (or today's post if you are tuning in for the first time!).  It's time for the new season, inside and out!  

Happy weekend and Happy Fall, 





My minimalist 15 minute Fall DIY (do-it-yourself) home decor item. Try it today!

Welcome to day #4 of Fall Countdown; preparing you and your home for the beautiful new season that starts TOMORROW!   Today I am sharing a common scenario I seem to face when I I'm out looking for the perfect fall arrangement....and my solution.   This solution entails one of the most simple seasonal decorating DIY tutorials in existence (which is why even you non DIY'ers out there will like it too!)

The problem

When it comes to any sort of seasonal floral arrangement, simple can be the most beautiful. When I'm out looking around at arrangements I either find one I love, (but don't love the price tag) or, nothing jumps out at me at all.  I knew there had to be a solution. 

Light bulb moment

A few years ago I was rummaging around our boxes in the basement and happened upon some "stray" artificial leaves.  They must have fallen off some other decor I used in the past, and were left in the box. There was a handful of these leaves; not enough for a full arrangement, but just enough for something very simple.  So, here's what I did:

I made my own "minimalist" arrangement, using a single branch from the yard, and the handful of leaves I found; eleven to be exact.  The leaves were a variety of colors and sizes. Bonus. 

leaf three.jpg

Here is what I used to pull this 15 minute seasonal DIY project together....


1. Artificial leaves (you could use real ones, but they will become crunchy and brown, and no one wants crunchy brown leaves in their house)  A handful of leaves is all you need. I used eleven leaves. 

2.  Glue gun. If you don't have one, super glue, or even regular school glue would work

3.  Tree branch, or large twig with several "arms" (looks more tree-like)

4. Vase, jar, or wine bottle

Here's how: 

1. Find a branch with a decent stem, about 6-8 inches long. You'll need a long enough stem to place in your vase or jar. I used a glass bottle with a narrow opening which helped secure my large, akward branch in place. 

2. Decide where you want each each leaf.  Apply glue to those areas on the branch, and stick your leaves on.

3. Place the stem in your bottle, and admire your new fall foliage arrangement, "minimalist" style! 


What do you think?  Was I right?  One of the simplest seasonal DIY projects in human existance!   This arrangement has made an appearance in our house over the last three fall seasons.   This year it's going back up on the mantle.....

leaf four.jpg
mantle one.jpg

Got leaves?

If you don't already have any old fall arrangements with leaves, or stray leaves (like I had hiding at the bottom of a box) you can find them many places:

  • Dollar store.   Remove a handful of leaves from the arrangement, and use them for your awesome new "minimalist" fall accessory!  The leaves will look less fake once they are glued to your authentic branch.  Trust me. 
  • Second hand stores. Rummage around through their "floral" section. You're bound find some fall leaves in that pile! 
mantle two.jpg

Whether you are a DIY-er or not, if you're looking to dress your home up with a little more "fall" this season, (and don't want to spend money or time) why not give this super simple fall leaf "arrangement" a try?!  I don't think you'll regret it! 

Happy Fall and happy branch hunting! 


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Fall Countdown: Day #3- Got Fall Decor?

Greetings and welcome to Fall Countdown, Day #3.  (if you missed day #1, and #2 see them here:  Day 1: So long Summer, and Day 2: Get organized)    Today is all about that Fall decor we can't help but love.  What's Fall decor?  It's definitely not limited to orange pumpkins that say, "Welcome Fall" on them, that's for sure!  

Read on my friends, and see how you can re-create and combine what you already have, into a smashing fall haven!  Here are some fall features to think about when choosing your decor: 

  • Bold colors!  Pinks and oranges are gorgeous this time of year. And I'm not talking about baby pinks!  Bold pinks like fuscias!  Now mix them with other more traditional falls colors like oranges and yellows! Yes that's what I'm talking about!  (good-bye brown). 
fall decor watermark.png
  • Bowls of fruit (artificial or real)  I love putting pears in bowls during the fall season.  There is something about it that speaks "Fall" to me!  Do you have a wooden bowl from 1974? Even better. Grab that bowl and fill it up girlfriend.  

Another feature of fall decor?  

  • Texture.  You can incorporate texture in your throw pillows, throw blankets, baskets, and wall decor........

Curtains also provide texture and warmth, and speak "Fall" for any room in the house!  It's amazing what panels can do for a window, and an entire room!  

curtain mantle.jpg

The photo below is the "poster child" for Fall.  The colors, and all the textures.....from pillows, to wicker, to the stone fireplace and window panels, this space truly says Fall.  With all the windows this room has to offer, the turning leaves are sure to compliment the warmth on inside.... makes me want to cuddle up in that room with a coffee! 

Stonehouse one.jpg
  • Rustic wood decor.  Nothing says Fall quite like rustic wood decor!  Grab an old crate and use it in non-traditional ways....
  • Mason Jars.  I use these constantly!  They are multi-season and wonderful for floral arrangements.  In Fall I like using twigs.....LOTS of twigs. 
  • Fall wreaths and florals  These are traditional staples that you simply cannot go wrong with! I use this twig wreath every season, with a simple change of the ribbon.....
fall mantle.png

Look around the house and see what decor you have.  What touches can you add to it, to turn it into Fall decor?  The simpler the better.  Add a few of the items I highlighted today and you're well on your way!  

Happy Fall decorating! 


Did you miss Day #1 and day #2 of the Fall Countdown? See them below: 

Day #1: So long summer! 

Day #2: Get Organized! 

Fall Countdown: Day #2: Get organized

If you are tuning in for the first time this week, today is day #2 of Novo Decor's Fall countdown. Whether you've had your Fall decorations up for weeks (you know who you are! Lol),  or haven't even thought about putting your summer "stuff" away (yep,  I know you're out there ), this week's tips are meant to give us all a boost in some way or another! 

Today's task:   Get organized!

Here are four things that will help you quickly and cute-ly (that's not a word, but whatever. It fits here) organize your home so that your Fall decor will stand out even more (if you're the one who has had Fall decor out for weeks already), or, so that you can find places to put your Fall decor (if you fall into the "haven't put away summer stuff yet" category). 

Some of the concepts in the four items below are repeated, but, this is good because it illustrates different possibilities for some fun, & pretty organization.....

1.  Crates or bins:  

Any type of crate or bin can make organization not only easy and convenient, but cute too. Colored plastic crates like the one you see below work great in kids' spaces.  This would NOT be the type of crate by our fireplace.  You get the idea....


You can take crates a step further by placing smaller containers inside for all that small annoying stuff that you can never seem to hide.  I used soup cans in the picture above. 

2.  Shelves

Shelves are great not only for organizing, but also for accessorizing. Why not maximize the function of shelves and use them for both?  It totally works.....


Oh! And look-ey here......more soup cans, and I spot some coffee cans too.  Shelves make storage options look "finished", and well-planned.  Inside those coffee cans there is craziness, but rest assured that I know what's in them, and they look pretty.  Huge win. 

3.  CANS (of the soup, and coffee variety)

lime hutch mine.jpg

As you can see, I love cans.  When I say that word, "cans",  I can't help but think about a college friend who visited the Kohler Design center with me years back (15+ years back, wow I feel old).  She called it the "Wall of cans".  Lol.  

The photo above brings me to my fourth and final piece in the home that allows us to organize well, and "cute-ly" (there's that word again!).....

4.  Hutches

I have said it before and I'll say it again (and again!)....but hutches are seriously the bomb for organization.  If you need organization desperately in your home, consider using your old hutch, or purchasing a hutch of some sort.  If you do the latter, might I suggest a used hutch, and then hiring Novo Decor to update it for you.  Woop!  Now that's an idea.   (couldn't resist). 


As demonstrated above, I go nuts for hutches.  They add height to any room (which rooms need!), they add color, and in line with today's task they help us organize!  The icing on the cake is that they allow us to accessorize WHILE we organize.  Are you loving that as much as I am?  

Take-home message

And that concludes Day #2 of my Fall Countdown!  Hop on that organizational band-wagon (if you haven't already!) and remember these four pieces that can effectively and "cutely" (I can't stop now) organize your "things".  Because a well organized home is a home that says, "Decorate me, pretty puh-lease". 

Coming up tomorrow......Day #3: Got Fall Decor?   (Ooooooh, I'm super excited)








Fall Countdown: Day #1 - So long summer

Hello and happy "Fall Week".  I realized that this Friday, September 22 is the first day Fall officially begins! One thing about Fall I love, is decorating!  From the rich colors, to the rustic textures and decor, it all creates that warm, fall feel that makes you want to cuddle up with a cup of coffee, and a good book.  Who's with me? 

I'm sure some of you have already started your Fall decorating. That is awesome!  Your task this week is to share a picture of your Fall decorating on Novo Decor's Facebook page!  Pretty puh-lease!   Is fall decorating far off your radar, and you've still got summer "stuff" taking up valuable fall decorating space? I get it.  Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum,  I hope you can take at least one small tip away from this week's Fall Countdown, and get one step closer to a house that looks and feels like Fall!  


Put away your summer "things".  

Summer "things" include anything and everything you used in summer, that you're not likely to use in Fall  (beach bags, swim towels, swim gear, pool toys, flip flops, mega sunscreen bottles, empty sunscreen or near-empty sunscreen bottles, etc.).    

Anything summer must find a home now!!!  If it looks like summer, makes you feel like summer, or smells like's time to say so long, until next summer......

So long summer, and you're ready for days #2-5 of this week's Fall Countdown!   Be sure to check in to Novo's Facebook page all week to see the latest.   if you accomplish even one of these five things, share your photo on Novo's Facebook page!!!!      I'd love to see your progress!!! 

Happy almost-Fall! 




Friday Finds: Chic decor for under $15

It's time for Friday Finds, your weekly guide to finding awesome decor that won't require a second mortgage to finance!  We see "replicas" of high-end home decor and the latest decor trends practically everywhere.  Stores like Target and TJ Max carry a variety of great home decor that won't break the bank.  But did you know these same pieces can be snatched up for even less, in our local thrift shops?  

It's exciting to uncover great finds for the home, but knowing what you're looking for can be helpful.  Here are three items you could probably find this weekend, in thrift shops, each for under $15.......  

#1  Bar Carts


The bar cart above was snatched up for $5 (Goodwill).   The bar cart below can be purchased new (Target) for $123 (on sale). Needless to say, I went with the $5 option! 

store cart.jpg

Bar carts are NOT just for booze, though the name implies that!  Use them as bedside tables, plant stands, or even living room side tables!  

Tina bar cart.png

Accessorize them for the holidays, or keep them out year round. Either way, bar carts are a fantastic accent for any room of the house! 

holiday bar cart.jpg

#2  Accent Chairs

I've been know to buy a chair simply because of its looks.  Never mind its functional purpose in our home, or even its comfort, but if it has the potential to serve as a great accent piece, well's going in the cart.  

Though my chair obsession has settled down significantly, I will always hold a special place in my heart for them!  Let's take a look at two chairs: 

The chair on the left will set you back $699.  The chair on the right?  Empty your kids' piggy banks and you've got yourself a chair for $8.  (Goodwill)

Yes there are certainly benefits to knowing what thrift shops to go to, what to look for, and of course, how to accessorize your "new" finds. (that's where I come in!).  

#3 Lamps

We need lamps to see (hahaha, yep), but they also play an important role in setting the mood and feel of a room.  I'm a huge lighting person.  Certain lamps are turned on at certain times of the's what I do.    Because  I have a great love for lamps, that doesn't mean I spend a lot on them! Good gracious no.   Let's take a look:

New lamp. West Elm. $199

New lamp. West Elm. $199

Old lamp.  $5.    The lamp shade was painted white, as the old version was yellowing. And no one wants a yellowing lampshade! 

Old lamp.  $5.    The lamp shade was painted white, as the old version was yellowing. And no one wants a yellowing lampshade! 

 Here's a full size room shot to show you just how great an old pair of lamps can be.....


With a little gold spray paint and new lampshades, this lamp pair was instantly modernized. They work fine. They look great!  They cost $10 (for the pair).  Triple success. 

Gems in the rough

Three simple pieces for the home, found at thrift shops.  You wouldn't know by the looks of them, that they were once old and unwanted, would you?   This is the beauty of second hand shopping and one of the best kept secrets for resourceful, and artistically unique home decorating.  We are always evolving, and so are our homes.  Keep up with those changes easily and cost-effectively.....with second hand shopping. 

Are you new to thrifting?  What are you waiting for!???   Try it this weekend!  Or, share your awesome find on Novo's Facebook page!!!

Have a great weekend!


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