Lounge-ready room: Discover yours!


This week Novo Decor wants to share some inspiration with you on the home “lounge” concept. I’m not talking about the lounge from the 70’s, with green carpet on the walls, and yellow faux leather upholstered booths! I’m talking about a place in your home, that can be re-created into a space you love being in.

And guess what? Your future lounge may be a space you already have, but didn’t know of its potential, and certainly wouldn’t have thought about it as a lounge!

A lounge? In my house?

ANY room can serve as a lounge. Try to erase the vision of carpeted walls, and dishes with candied mints in them, (remember those soft chewable mints?). Rather, try and picture a space in your house that you might not be using. Your furniture lounge can be a place to sit and relax, read a book, sip on coffee, or chat with your hubby, and friends.

Basically, if you have a room or nook somewhere in the house, turning it into a “lounge” isn’t as out of reach as you might think. The space below was traditionally supposed to be a dining area, but the home-owners wanted to extend more seating into this space, from their adjoining living room:


By adding chairs, a rug, and plenty of color, this space morphed into a fun place to entertain, and spend time. With a “window” that adjoins this room to the kitchen, it is easy to pass food and drinks back and forth. Functional and fun.


Below is the adjoining living room. The two spaces compliment each other with color, and whimsy; a great combination for a newlywed couple.

full room after.jpg

If you are scratching your head on what rooms in your house could possibly transform into marvelous lounges, check out these ideas….

  • a nook or space at the top of the stairwell (that open space around the stairway railing that you never use, or know what to do with)

  • a spare bedroom

  • a room, or section of your basement

  • attick

  • home office space that isn’t used, except for your “piles”, and clutter!

  • four-season room (or even three season room!)

  • part of a large room (some rooms are so big and awkward, that you need to create separate, defined spaces)

Think Lounge. Think Possibilities. Get inspired.

Lounge Seating:

This chaise is a perfect furniture accent for any lounge. In a neutral, or bold color, it serves a great purpose…..comfort…..not to mention dashing looks.



The texture in the pillows, wall hanging, and rug, along with the leather “bean bag” chair work together to create this hip and fun boho style lounge. I’d sit in this “lounge” any day and sip on coffee!

This chair is another fun lounge style piece. I see these “cane” chairs at thrift stores often. With a little black spray paint on the frame, you’d have yourself a fresh new chair just. like. this. one. Check it out…..

from Urban Outfitters

from Urban Outfitters

I guess I’m really feeling the boho vibe as I write this….but these textures, and patterns! I’d love to see the rest of this room. It’s interesting that all the pieces in this picture are in such close proximity to one another….creating a cozy, lounge-like feel. Changes in furniture placement can totally re-create a space.

You may be able to create your loung from just a portion of a larger room. Section it off with the fun and funky room divider, or position your seating in way that creates visible boundaries.

This is great use of space below….and a great little “lounge”. The adults can sit and relax, while the kids make a ruckus in the yard. Pretty hang-out, and relaxation time or the adults. It’s a win-win.

From Haneen’s Haven

From Haneen’s Haven

A home lounge doesn’t have to be huge! In fact, sometimes the smaller the better. Are you wondering if a lounge might be in your future?

Find out for sure, and start by asking yourself these questions as you go room to room in your house:

  1. Do we use this room regularly? If not, could we use it? Yasss!

  2. Do we use the things in this room? If not, can we get rid of them to create more space?

  3. Does this room get neglected? If yes, it’s definitely time for a lounge!

  4. Has this space been bare for a while? Is it large enough for a chair or two?

Creating a space in your home you love being in, and that has meaning to you is easier than you think, and doesn’t have to be time consuming! Start simple… by removing clutter, re-arranging furniture, asking yourself the questions above, and imagining the possibilities.

Novo Decor would love to help you get started. My no-pressure, FREE consultation will help get you on the right track….no matter how small, or challenging your space!

Enjoy the rest of your week,


Teen Room Make-over: Incorporating personality into a space

Do you spend more time in one room in your house, more than another? Why? Do you notice how a particular room in your house makes you feel, good or bad? The answers to these questions could very well be centered on your emotions, and mood.

Believe it or not, our surroundings affect us; in more ways than we realize.

In these before/after pictures, you’ll see how certain design elements change the entire look and feel of the room.

Teen Bedroom:

This room was re-done to specifically reflect the personal style and interests of the teenager who lives there. Before the make-over, the room contained a number of things that had been “outgrown” by the teen. While she did have several of her own art pieces on the walls, she had grown tired of them. Plus, she became a teenager along the way, and wanted a room that reflected her personal style; a room that matched her personality.

Victoria BEFORE grid #2.png
4 photo grid BEFORE.png

The three main design elements that really made a difference in this space are texture, pattern, and color. This teen loves greens and blues. So I planned the whole room around those colors.

blues and greens.jpg

I also added plenty of texture through pillows, curtains, and bedding.

pillows and texture.jpg

Since this teen loves nature, and the outdoors, I included a gallery wall of frames containing pictures of nature-related themes. A customized bulletin board was also added for reminders, pictures, or all the little “things” teens need to display.

Lastly, a blue desk was added for a fun pop of color, and for function. She wanted a place to do her homework. This petite desk is perfectly scaled to this “petite” room, and it serves an important function, too. Color pop, AND function? It’s a win win.

Victoria AFTER grid #1.png
desk wall before after.png

Mixing patterns is a hallmark of Novo Decor style. Mixing patterns gives off a feeling of whimsy, or playfulness. We certainly know that teenagers are whimsical beings, and so, mixed patterns ensued.

desk accessories.png


Notice how even though blues and greens dominate the color scheme, there were also neutrals to balance it out. Neutrals can be found in the chair, and the variety of woods (bulletin board frame, large wall art frame, shelves) . Woods do NOT have to match. In fact, a room is more visually interesting when they don’t.

desk chair window shot.jpg

Our emotions and surroundings impact us….

If you’ve never thought about how your surroundings affect your mood and emotions, start! I would bet that you’ll discover how you feel in certain places; good, bad, and in between. And, once you uncover that, you may even start noticing why a room makes you feel that way……

….And THAT’S when the magic happens….because you’re one step closer to gaining insight on what can be done about it.

We change, and so do our tastes

Whether we realize it or not, our tastes and styles change, as we change. By adding a color scheme, fun patterns, function, and personal style to the bedroom you see here, this teen is excited to be in her “new” room, and naturally spends more time there because of that!

Changes to your surroundings do not have to be big, or complicated! Even simple changes in a room can totally change your perspective, and mood!

Not sure where to start? Schedule your FREE home consultation with Novo Decor and get tips customized to your space!

Victoria testimonial.png

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Valentine's Day all year long

Since pinks are often seen around this “holiday” we call Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share some "Valentines-ish" photos with you. Pink can be scary if it’s not typically a color you go to, but, there are countless ways to bring pink (big or small!) into your home interior.

Ecros Pink: A favorite pink around here.  See this post about a girls' dresser painted in this beautiful pink color here: Pretty in Pink: Girl's Dresser Reveal

More pink paint, in "Hot Pink" by Behr.   In Sheboygan there is a gigantic cabinet adorned in this bold pink!  See that post here:  Evolution of a cabinet

Here’s a blast from the past…..a glimpse of the giant cabinet during its transformation back in 2015.....

And of course you'll find pink decor somewhere in the Nienhuis nest (yep, even with three boys)…...

A while back I shared a tutorial on how to make your own monogram wall art.  Here is ours.....in pink (is there any other color option for "Nienhuis" monogrammed art?)....You can see that turorial here:  Accessorize your wall with this simple monogrammed wall art tutorial

A splash of pink on the widows is always welcome. Speaking of these panels.....see my super easy tutorial on creating your own no-sew window panels using this simple trick. Catch that tutorial here:  Easiest window panels this side of the Mason Dixon

Before I begin a painting project, I'll take a picture of the paint against a bold backdrop. Why? Because I cannot resist a freshly opened can of paint against a visually interesting back ground. Check out this bold pink back drop:  

And another "flat lay" picture.....paired with a patterned backdrop…containing pink: 

Rolling out this giant pink rug was a treat....

"Ecros pink" by Sherwin Williams make another appearance on this dresser drawer....

Adding a splash of pink to a small furniture accent is always a treat….. 

And lastly, Novo Decor's LOGO!  It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a......pink butterfly. Butterflies represent new life; fitting for a thrfiting junkie who loves re-creating spaces!

Novo Decor NEW.png

I hope you were inspired with today’s post. Even if you’re not a pink person, incorporating it in small doses is sure to brighten your house right up.

Because pink isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! 


Basement Re-fresh: Part ONE (and a half)

Welcome to Basement Re-fresh (Part one & a half). Why the “and a half” you ask? Progress so far has consisted of baby steps. With any project, breaking the task into smaller steps makes it much less intimidating . When we do this, we start seeing change (maybe a little faster!), which in turn, motivates us to continue all the way to completion.

To appreciate changes even smaller steps can bring, see last week’s first post in the Basement Re-fresh series, here: Basement Re-fresh Part ONE

And now, for this week’s updates……

pic 2.jpg
The details of the shelving are a work in progress, but at least now all the “little” stuff has a home, andLuke, has easier access to his beloved Legos

The details of the shelving are a work in progress, but at least now all the “little” stuff has a home, andLuke, has easier access to his beloved Legos

Here is that same wall BEFORE:


See? Simple steps, big change. Did this take a long time? No! Did procrastinating take longer than the actual activity of organizing this area? Yes. Why do I do that? Lol.

Next, the corner area to the left of this cube shelving was cleaned, and a rug was added. To my pleasant surprise, we were able to use a rug we already had. The rug has been in our garage the last several months after that eight hour torrential down pour we had in fall. After that the rug STUNK so bad, that we decided it was not able to be saved. We took it to our garage, and it has remained there since, UNTIL I discovered last week that it is completely fine; no bad smell at all. And dry too. Huge victory!

Needless to say, the story has a happy ending….and the rug now belongs in this corner….

pic 1.jpg

Here is this same space BEFORE:

basement 2.jpg

Simply by getting rid of “stuff” and de-cluttering this nook, the space opens up to many possibilities, which will bring us to PART TWO of the Basement Re-fresh:

Building a DIY corner desk!

Once the desk is built, then we can address those walls. I picture a large bulletin board, maybe some additional pictures, calendar, etc. It will be a nice work (and play) space for the kids, and us.

pic 5.jpg

The space to the left of the curtains is where I store “things” for Novo Decor, mostly home decor and accessories. The curtains may or may not remain open like in the picture. I like the added touch the curtains provide by bringing in some pattern, and texture.

Next Up: Basement Re-fresh PART TWO

And that concludes Basement Re-fresh: Part One (and a half!). I hope you continue to tune in to Part TWO…and the remainder of our basement re-fresh endeavor!

And remember, small steps can result in big change! Let’s get it done in 2019!


Basement Re-fresh: Part ONE

Hello, and happy 2019! Wow, has it really been November 24th since my last blog post? I’d better have all sorts of fresh ideas to share with you in 2019 after that break!!

To ring in the new year, I decided to share our next project in the house; the basement. Our basement needs some organization, and much better use of space. We have “things” down there we don’t even use. Can you relate? I guess that’s what basements are for; “collectors” of all our “stuff”. And, out of sight out or mind, right? Well, no more!


First, we need to get rid of “stuff”, and re-locate what we already have in order to maximize function. For example, there is a desk that is falling apart, and an oversize chair that no one uses (because we have a huge sofa). We also have a love seat in a dumb location. No one ever sits in that love seat where it is now. Time to to get to work.

Showing you the crazy “before” pictures will help hold me accountable for keeping on top of this basement project! Seeing the “before” pictures isn’t always pretty, but necessary. They make the end result that much sweeter!

before pictures.png

Here we go….

Below is the view upon arriving at the bottom of the steps. The furnace room is behind that black door. To the right is a large space, with a carpeted section/TV, and a cement floored area.

See all those shoe box size tupperware containers on the floor? Those are filled with Legos. Not an ideal location, or set up! Does Luke crouch down on the floor to build with them in that location? NOPE. He’s probably afraid he’ll get injured, with all the clutter and all!

See all those shoe box size tupperware containers on the floor? Those are filled with Legos. Not an ideal location, or set up! Does Luke crouch down on the floor to build with them in that location? NOPE. He’s probably afraid he’ll get injured, with all the clutter and all!

To the left of that black door, is a smaller nook that I used to use for an office. Here is that nook:

basement 2.jpg
basement 5.jpg

What needs to happen with this space first:

  1. Take out that black desk

  2. Re-locate the love seat to the TV viewing area.

    These two steps alone will open up this entire space for a DIY “L” shaped desk area. The kids can work on the computer here, do their school work, draw, work on legos, or whatever they like doing at a desk!

That area will also serve as a device storing, and charging station!! A bold rug would be awesome in this corner, BUT, we are planning to do this entire basement re-fresh on a VERY low budget, which means I’m going to have to utilize self-control, and refrain from a new rug. Darn!

On that note, allow me to dream a bit, and share with you some rug possibilities for this space:

RUG 1.jpg

I like the fact that these rug contain white and black, yet also have plenty of color. Either of these rugs would tie our black ceiling, and white walls together nicely.

RUG 2.jpg

Ok, one more…..( I can’t help myself)….

RUG 3.jpg

Gotta start somewhere

This is just one of a number of areas in our basement that needs some serious help. And, now that I’ve shared the scary “before” pictures with you, I am motivated to take action, and continue to share our progress with you.

I am enlisting the hubs to help me build a computer station/table for that corner nook you saw. When that will be complete, I have no idea, but we’re tackling it little by little, section by section!

I will keep you posted on our progress!

Can you relate?

Do you have an area in your home that has been neglected, and needs help? Whether it’s re-organizing, moving furniture around, or simply hanging some pictures on the wall to add some warmth & character, get started with me in 2019!

I hope you tune in to the “Basement Re-fresh” blog series at the Nienhuis ranch!

Have a great week,

Love the look of well-decorated spaces, but don’t love the time suck, guesswork, or expense?

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5 easy steps to festive decor

Who doesn’t love quick, and easy holiday decorating tips? Today I'm sharing easy steps toward a no-”fluff” festive home. And the best part is you can do this using items you already have on hand.   (Is there any other way to decorate?) 

Creating an inspiring holiday home can be simple.  And, it can be done resourcefully in these 5 easy steps:

No-nonsense Holiday Decorating Tips

1.  Use baskets, crates, antique trunks......basically anything you have that could potentially hold something festive inside like greenery, ornaments, wood for the fireplace, etc.   Throw in a holiday napkin or place mat for a festive edge! 

2.  Remove items that have a summer-y or "spring-y" vibe, and replace with holiday decor like fresh (or artificial) greens

Below, a rustic box and vases that once displayed summer florals, now house an arrangement of festive greenery and reds for timeless holiday accents. 


3.  Switch out the current photos in your frames with holiday photos

A floral picture in the white frame was replaced with modern Christmas trees using Scrapbook paper cut into triangles. Easy and super cute!

A floral picture in the white frame was replaced with modern Christmas trees using Scrapbook paper cut into triangles. Easy and super cute!

This one might be the best kept secret for fast, cute, and modern holiday wall art without breaking the bank!  I admit I am somewhat obsessed with picture frames, but THIS my friends, is why! You can create instant holiday art by removing what you currently have in a frame,  and replacing it with something as simple as your favorite holiday gift wrap!  

Or, take it a step further and create a festive holiday gallery wall using a grouping of frames!   

"I don't have time to remove pictures from frames!"

I get it. If that sounds like you, then do this:  Remove a picture from the wall, and replace it with a wreath, or anything festive! Zero need to create additional nail holes.  We are all about simple, here!  

Speaking of simple.....here's another super easy step toward making your house FESTIVE.....

4. Find a large twig or fallen branch from the yard....and hang some ornaments on it!  Beautiful! 

4.  Add simple holiday touches to existing decor

The existing frame collection above became instant "Christmas" with the addition of a couple festive accents like the small wreath, and the red vase/greenery.  Pops of red, and greenery are so simple, yet add such a festive touch.  

Turning your non-holiday decor into festive and fun holiday accents makes some of the best holiday decorating.  Look around your house, (or dig through those Christmas boxes) and see what you can use!  How can you make your decor Christmas-ready?  

With the long Thanksgiving weekend ahead, it's not too early to start getting your holiday decorating ON!!!!

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Same Chair 4 Ways: Learn this upholstery trick in time for the holidays

Have you ever wished your chair upholstery actually matched the rest of your decor?  Is the upholstery from that “inherited” dining set outdated? With the holidays fast approaching, I have a “trick” that will instantly update your chairs. You can even add some holiday hues to your chairs for extra fun.  

I am not going to detail HOW to re-upholster a chair in this post. but you can go to this link for that:  Re-upholstering your dining or kitchen chairs   In this post, I'm sharing a tip for how to quickly and easily change out your upholstered chair.  In fact this is so quick and easy that you might find yourself changing your chair seat out with every changing holiday or season.  I know I do!  

Here is the same chair 4 different ways: 

The fabrics above are all temporary, and can be changed out. Here’s how the trick works:

  1.  On this particular example, there is a thin fabric that is permanently attached around the cushion and seat base (like seat covers should be).   Having a permanent cushion cover provides a smooth surface and nice clean edges to work with once your are ready to place your "temporary" fabric over it. For this chair you see, the screws from the chair bottom have already been removed.  And I'll admit....they've never been replaced!  I figure I can get by with this since the chair is mainly for looks!

2. Next, I choose my fabric and cut a piece large enough to be able to cover the seat, wrap around its edges, and tuck underneath.  As I wrap the fabric around, tucking it tightly under the edge of the seat, I gently push the seat into the seat frame so the fabric doesn't keep loosening or popping out as i move around the seat.  

3. If you have stray pieces of fabric hanging down below the chair seat, you can tape the upholstery to the seat bottom to secure it better (hide it!)     

4. Enjoy your “new” chair.

Time for this project: Approximately 20 minutes.

Other tips for this project: Cost effective alternatives to purchasing fabric at a fabric store:

  • Pillow cases (new ones)

  • Table linens (large cloth napkins or tablecloths)

  • Window panels

  • Thrift store fabric! MUCH cheaper than new.

  • You wouldn’t necessarily have to replace the screws on the bottom of your chair…unless the chair will be used!

With Christmas and New Year's on the horizon, you may be having guests, or, you may just want a fun holiday pop in the chairs you already have. Either way, you now have an instant method for updating your chairs.

Happy upholstering!






4 ways to bring black accents into your holiday home

Our homes can communicate our emotions, without a word spoken. In the spirit of the holiday season, it's fun to go big with home decor, accessories, and color.  And it's the perfect time to try new colors; colors you might not use any other time of the year.   Today we're talking about the color.....


There was a time when I had quite a bit of black decor.  Over the years my style evolved, and then I turned to light and bright.  I did away with the black.    I am finding myself drawn to the color again!

Here are some simple ways to add a punch of black, a classic hue, to your holiday home! 

4 simple ways to bring black into your holiday home

1. Chairs 

Do you have old wooden chairs? Are your kitchen or dining chairs dated?  Get out the black paint (or spray paint!).  Since chairs typically get plenty of traffic; priming is important.  NOTE: If you spray paint, do it outside or in a well-ventilated (and well-covered ) area.

There is something so classic looking in black and white for the holidays!

There is something so classic looking in black and white for the holidays!

2.  Textiles (pillows, tablecloths, curtains, blankets)

When I found this awesome polka dot tablecloth in black and white I did the happy dance! Disclosure:  it isn't a "real" tablecloth, but if you know me, you know I love an accessory that serves multiple purposes! This "tablecloth" will be a stunning back-drop for a bold holiday floral arrangement.....and a little gold accent here and there.  Ooooh... I'm feeling the holiday vibe just talking about.it! 

holiday tablecloth.jpg

3.  Rugs

Have you been out shopping lately?  Black/white, and black/cream patterns are everywhere.  If pattern is a little scary to you, try it first in a black/white or black/cream color combination.  A small throw rug in your kitchen, your bedroom, foyer, or bathroom is all you need.

The thing about black and white patterns is that they can be totally wild, but don’t have to take center stage (because two colors is all you’re dealing with).  If pattern is overwhelming to you, starting with a black and white, or black and cream pattern is a good idea.

Then, throw some Christmas greenery or colors in the mix  and you've got a classic, holiday decor scheme that is sure to get noticed.  

These rugs have the power to add a classic, yet edgy touch to a holiday home:  

Now imagine a beautiful evergreen adorned in lights and ornaments, in the same room as a rug like one of these!   Gorgeous.  (rugs above from West Elm)

4.  Decor

Any decor you have (whether old or new!) is fair game for the holiday season. We tend to put away items when the holiday season arrives, thinking it all has to be festive and "holiday-appropriate". The time we spend doing this adds up!  A simple solution is to use the same decor items all year-long.  Choose several pieces to do this with, or all your decor.  Just add the seasonal accents as appropriate! For example....

I used this black vase with gold accents in the fall, and during the Christmas season, I can also use it....by simply replacing the gold floral arrangement with a holiday-like arrangement. 

Black is a classic, timeless color that compliments so many other colors, and adds depth to any room.  Try black in your home this holiday season.....I promise it won't disappoint!  

Are you using black this holiday season in your home?  Thinking about it?  Post a photo in the comments directly onto this post, or at the  Novo Decor Facebook Page

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Two steps to your 2018 Christmas bedroom

To some, it may seem early to talk Christmas decorating, but, for those of us who enjoy decorating, it’s not! I ventured out to the stores this week, and ever since, I’ve had Christmas decor on my mind.

Who’s with me?

One fun way to decorate for the holidays, is to add a thing or two to your bedroom! But what do you add? No one really sees that room, right? Wrong. YOU do! Why not bring some Christmas cheer to your haven?

So what does Christmas look like in the room where you sleep? Here are two easy ideas:

TWO STEPS to your Christmas Room

  1. Find a holiday pillow!

    Holiday pillows are everywhere. I found this one a couple years back at TJ Maxx:

bed 2.jpg

I love the simple red print against the white background. I also love it because…….J= JESUS FIRST; 0= OTHERS NEXT; Y = YOURSELF LAST.

The red floor lamp and the pillow provide just enough holiday red to get the Christmas season feel

The red floor lamp and the pillow provide just enough holiday red to get the Christmas season feel

Pillows. Throw one of these on your bed, and you’ve got yourself an instant Christmas bedroom…..


2. Red Spray Paint

Spray paint one thing you already have in a holiday color like classic red . Outdated lamp base? Not anymore! Or, visit a local thrift shop, and find something you can use, like a mirror, or book end. Then get out the spray paint!

I found a brassy floor lamp, and the instant the Christmas bug struck, I was setting up my spray paint station in the garage, spray paint can in hand!

THAT’S IT! Two of the all-time easiest, and fastest ways to bring Christmas into your bedroom, or any room in the house!

And, if you are really into the Christmas bedroom idea, there are tons of great ideas like these…..

photo from countrydoor.com

photo from countrydoor.com

photo from homebunch.com

photo from homebunch.com

From Birch Lane via Pinterest

From Birch Lane via Pinterest

Are those rooms Christmas dreamy or what?! Yours can be too, with just 2 simple steps!

Happy spray painting, and pillow shopping!

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4 ways to decorate for Fall

Fall is here! There are so many beautiful and creative ways to decorate this time of year. Here are some of my favorites....


I love incorporating texture no matter what time of year it is!  But, in fall l think texture plays a huge role in making a room feel warm, and inviting.  Texture can be found in your pillows, baskets, window treatments, centerpieces, rugs, and furniture. My favorite texture is wicker.  Wicker is timeless and adds a pop to any decor scheme.  I love finding different varieties of wicker in thrift shops.  I don't think I have purchased a new basket in ten years!  I almost always walk out of a thrift store with a unique piece of wicker decor. Here are some examples of textured items I love: 

black dresser.jpg


Using artificial (or real) fall foliage is a very easy way to decorate for fall!  You can find artificial leaves and other arrangements in home and craft stores.   Sunflowers make beautiful fall arrangements.   Even a single sunflower arranged with twigs in a vase is a classy way to add a touch of fall to any room.    

Twig wreaths can also be used to add that rustic, outdoor feel to your decor.

fall decor shot.jpg


Fall colors go a long way.  Traditionally we think of oranges, golds/yellows, and reds in fall. If you have those cool summer colors out, now is the time to replace them with warm hues of fall. This simple tip can change the mood and feel of a room!   But, you don't have to use traditional fall colors!   I love the orange and pink combination in the photo below.  

Try a new hue, or choose your favorite fall color as your accent color in a neutral room.   

The rich colors on the piece of art below remind me of fall…

Art made by Art on Artesia. www.artonartesia.com

Art made by Art on Artesia. www.artonartesia.com


Rooms that incorporate natural wood tones are especially beautiful in fall.   I like to mix it up by combining painted pieces with wood pieces in their original rich wood tones.

Other ways to incorporate wood tones might include crates or trunks, framed mirrors or photos, bowls, candlesticks, and books/magazine racks.  

abstract wood art.jpg

Have you done your fall decorating yet?? Post your photo to Novo Decor’s Facebook page here:  www.facebook.com/novodecorco

Happy fall!