So you have a gallery wall hanging method but now what?

If you read my post last week called, "My simple method for hanging gallery walls" and then asked yourself, "But what do I PUT on the gallery wall?", then this is the post for YOU!   Last week I posted a simple method I love using for hanging gallery walls.  If you missed it and would like to see it you can click   HERE

I believe there are no major rules for gallery walls.   At one time I had heard that you should either stick with the same color frames with different styles,  OR, different color frames but same style.   I am not convinced these are rules that should be followed!  I think the more "eclectic" a gallery wall, the better!   I have used a variety of "things" to grace my walls and I've had a lot of fun "experimenting" along the way....

Here is an example of a purely photo/frame gallery wall.  I threw in a couple mirrors simply because I ran out of frames!  To create this wall, I used old frames I already had, and painted them all white.  The frames accomplished my goal of covering the orange paint (which I grew sick of)....and I didn't even have to lift a paintbrush.   I filled the frames with family photos for this particular gallery wall. 

Another alternative with picture frames is to display them without photos in them.  Just find a collection of picture frames you like, and hang them up in.  You can spray paint the frames different colors, the same color, whatever you like.  My simple hanging method would still apply.....see it  HERE

There are many other options for your gallery wall beside picture frames and photos.  I have made my own "things" to hang, but if you're not up to doing problem.   Ideas might include platters/plates, baskets, mirrors, signs with your favorite quotes, old letters displayed in frames,  and other meaningful things.  It's fun to display these things in creative ways.  The key is practice! 

Here is an example of an "eclectic" gallery wall:

Gallery walls make it possible  to display anything that holds significance to the photo above the numbers are representative of special dates in my life.  The photos were some of my favorites at that time, and the chalkboard and mirrors were other "things" that filled dead space.  There is no need to maintain a theme in your gallery wall....just collect what you love and experiment with arrangements for display.  

Pattern Walls:   I have yet to try this one.  All you do is find patterns/fabric you like and display them together in your gallery wall.   You can use old canvas (you can find these at ANY thrift store, or Hobby Lobby on their 90% off rack!) and simply cover them with your fabric.  I've used old frames as well, and I've also seen shoe box lids as very easy and cheap alternatives for these types of walls.   As far as mixing patterns, just go for it.   This is a skill that is acquired with a little practice!  So don't worry about the HOW yet....just try it and remember that it's  temporary!   

Seasonal gallery walls can be fun too.   Incorporate holiday colors  into your display.   A few years back I made this "fall" wall, including fall colors, fall related words and textures....

Below is a simple gallery wall made with old canvases that I covered with fabric and glued our kids' initials onto them.  I added a large mirror, and a "set" of two wall hangings (that I painted!) to match the color scheme.  The sizes of your objects can be different!  

Another favorite of mine, and a very simple way to make a wall "pop" with color, is to put kids' artwork in frames and arrange them for a fun "museam-like" gallery wall.  These frames were the same ones I used on the mantle wall above, so no painting or finding new frames was necessary:

And there you have it.  Some simple ideas for your what to put on your gallery wall!  It takes practice...allow plenty of time to figure out what you want to display and prepare before you start hanging.  It will be worth having a plan, even if it is a simple one!  

Happy Friday and happy gallery wall hanging!

Do you have a gallery wall in your house?  Thinking of creating one?  I'd love to see your photos on