Fall Style: Swapping Your Summer & Fall Decor

On Friday I went into decorating mode.   It was time to start swapping out my summer decor for fall decor.  I had four target areas to tackle which included the mantle, the bookshelf, side-table, and buffet.  Change can be simple, and fun.   And I'm all about both of those things!   So, sip on your coffee and browse around my blog for a while, starting with today's "Swapping Your Summer & Fall Decor"....

Here is what our mantle looked like all summer: 

As a person who switches things around OFTEN, I surprised myself and left the mantle alone all summer.   The bold flower arrangement is a multi-season accent and great for fall.  I decided to keep the arrangement out, but moved it to another location in the house. 

I started with the mantle.  I wanted to simplify the mantle, yet create big impact.  A mirrow,  some simple fall foliage, and my favorite photos of the kids soon replaced the summer mantle.   Here is the mantle now: 

I like using non-traditional "vases" like jars and bottles.   In the photo above I put the branches/leaves in a glass bottle.   The height and simplicity of the branches turns a simple mantle into a noticeable one!   You can achieve big impact with simple decor.   Fall mantle: CHECK.   Now for the bookshelf....

Below you see the "summer" bookshelf on the left, and the current fall bookshelf on the right:

Seasonal decorating can be achieved in little to no time at all by keeping pieces you love in their place, and simply swapping out a few pieces for "fall" decor.   I like the mix of traditional and non-traditional fall decor.  Wondering what "fall" decor is?   Recently I posted "4 Simple Decorating Tips for Fall".  The post includes examples of "fall" items that can be incorporated into any room.   To view that post, click HERE

Next was the side table.  I am using a non-traditional side table at the moment....deciding if I like it or not!   Ignore the wheels on the cart....I couldn't remove them!  

The only change was replacing the stack of books in the middle with a wood bowl full of pears.   

Lastly, the buffet.....

I removed a couple picture frames and made a fall arrangement with some left-over fall foliage I found packed away in the "fall decor" box.   That is the only thing I am putting on the buffet.  I would like a much larger arrangement to place in the center of the buffet, but this little arrangement gets the job done.   No need to complicate things! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my "swapping" method for seasonal decorating.  Easy changes and big impact!  The room feels more like fall now. 

Do you like seasonal decorating or dread it?  If you're not a fan of it, maybe this post has inspired you to try a few simple changes in hour home?   It doesn't have to be time consuming at all.  Have fun with it!     

Happy Monday and happy swapping!!!