Furniture Refurbish Update: the Quasius cabinet and the journey to a bold statement piece

Hello!  We are within days of revealing the winning piece from the Novo Decor Co. "Furniture Re-furbish" kick-off event!    If you are just tuning in now, I did a fun kick-off event for my business launch back in May.  The event invited people to submit their photos of a piece of furniture they'd love re-done.   I wanted the event to get people excited!  I received many great responses and entries for the event and it was difficult to make my decision!  I feel about it though and I sure hope the owners do too!  Thank you all again for sending your photos and stories.  They were truly appreciated.    I thought I'd share the story of how this cabinet came to be and the project itself.....Pictures to follow once the reveal happens!  

The furniture submission

 If you've seen my update posts, you might already know that Michelle Quasius was the lucky "winner", or, her cabinet was the lucky winner!   If you live in Sheboygan County you might know Michelle.  Isn't she a peach?   Michelle was the very first entry so I knew she was excited about it.  Her reason for submitting her piece resonated with me.  She commented, "Isn't she a beauty? I think she deserves a make-over because she's such a functional piece, and would be a great challenge for you".   She also stated it was a wedding gift and that they obviously had no taste then.  Hahaha.   (her and her husband Matt, not the wedding guest/gift giver).   I never asked her who it was from, but It'd be fun to see their reaction to it now.  Maybe Michelle and Matt can have them over and put their new liquor/wine/glassware cabinet to use!  

The Cabinet 

It is a great piece; large enough to shelter 5 small mammals, possibly 6.  If you paint furniture, and you have a big piece to tackle, you become almost buddies with the piece.  Seriously.  It is a solid piece, heavy, and contains a revolving door (wa?), has mirrors built into it, has intricate trim work/detail, and contains 8 removable shelves requiring a total of 24 small screws.  Note to self:   ALWAYS label removable pieces for easier re-installment.   But the moment I laid eyes on it I knew it had amazing potential.  I could almost sense the cabinet's inferiority amidst the other modern chic and mid-century modern accessories and furniture in the Quasius living room.  It was time to be rescued. Before we headed out, I asked Michelle what she wanted...and she said, "Just make the ugly go away", and "I want it to be a statement piece", oh and, "I don't care if you put leopard stripes on it, just make it pretty, I trust you".    

Transporting The Beast, er...uh Beauty!

Michelle's husband Matt and my husband Karl were troopers for getting the cabinet into our van.  When we arrived to pick it up, it was ready to go; even taped with painter's tape (to prevent the revolving door from opening and giving someone a concussion).  Before we got to our van, Stanley, the Quasius's adorable canine was in our van eating all the crumbs.  He definitely hit the jackpot in our van; he very possibly found half a burger back there.  Stanley was promptly re-directed and loading began.  Slickly moved, without a hitch.  Thank you Matt and Karl!  We enlisted our neighbor, thank you Mike Fleming, to assist with getting it into our house!  Again, a smooth transfer.

Tackling The Beauty

Planning for this piece was challenging but once I decided on a plan I never looked back.  Sanding and priming then began.  This was an 8 hour job that was required in the first of many steps to make the "ugly" go away!   Color choice:  I made a quick trip back to Michelle's to double check her couch color.  It is a beautiful teal velvet couch.  I wanted to incorporate that same color/color family somewhere on the cabinet, but not too much as the cabinet sits in close proximity to the couch.   I also had to pin down the perfect pink...which she mentioned she is trying to use for accents in the room.   "Hot pink" by Behr fit the bill.     I wanted to make the trim stand out so I chose gold.  No surprise!  The piece required 2 coats of primer, 3 coats of paint for each color, and 2 coats of polycrylic top coat.  This was by far one of the most difficult pieces I've ever done, and I'm dying in anticipation to see the reaction of Michelle and Matt when they see it for the first time!    

I wish I could post photos of it here but Michelle and Matt haven't seen the piece yet! We are looking at Monday or Tuesday, July 13/14 if we can make our schedules align.  Please stay tuned in and check back on facebook in the next few days because I am planning to record the reveal and post it on facebook for all to see!!!