Strickland Dressers: Neutral and Timeless

Hello!  And welcome to another of my blog posts showcasing a current project I am working on for the Strickland family.  The Strickland's (Jen and Jim)  have three boys like we do.  We understand a language that is unique to moms and dads of three boys.   And, just because we have all boys doesn't mean we don't appreciate and love a nice piece of furniture, right Jen?  

Jen contacted me last month telling me about some dressers she wanted re-done.  I ventured over to her house to take a look at them and we discussed a plan.   Opposite of my last project, Jen wanted neutral and distressed.   Distressed happens to be my specialty so of course I was excited.   Initially Jen left the color choice up to me...but the more we talked, she began to lean toward the gray family.  A good choice!   Gray is a great way to do neutral without doing the "beige" thing....which is fine by the way!  I have no problems with beige.  But I have more fun with gray.   

So here are the before you can see I couldn't wait and began removing all drawers before taking my photos....

I sanded the dressers, cleaned them, and patched them up.  No need for priming as I used a home-made chalk paint, which helps provide adhesion of the paint to the surface.    I painted one layer, sanded, then a second layer, sanded, then I waxed with a matte finish Johnson's wax to protect the surface.    Sanding between coats is key in achieving a smooth finish for this type of painting project.   Below are some additional photos of the process.....

Our front room, which has been converted to my workshop, is bursting at the seems right now with these dressers and all the drawers!  I had to expand my space to our foyer, which eliminates the ability to open/close our front door!  But soon all drawers will be complete and put back into the dressers!  You can see that the light gray color totally freshens up these pieces.    Next steps are second coat of paint, distressing to my heart's content, and waxing.  

The dressers aren't done yet but they already look like new!   I can't wait to get them back to the Strickland's!    Especially since they will be moving into their new home soon.  With a new home comes a fresh new set of dressers for the master bedroom!   Stay tuned...more to come.