Home Consultation + Color/Fabric = New Kitchen Set with Personality

I received an email a couple weeks ago from a young woman named Sam who said she found my website and really likes my work.   Aside from my family telling me they love me, this could possibly be one of the best things I have heard!  Truly it made my day.  And, doubly exciting, she is local, so I was able to visit her home and talk with her about what she is looking for.  She told me her table needs an update, and is hoping for a new look.  I am thrilled she chose me to help make that happen!   

Not only did the table need some love, but the chairs were also in need of a little "face-lift". Options included painting them, or,  painting and re-upholstering them.  Sam liked the idea of re-upholstering the chairs,  and hadn't thought of the idea before.  I was happy to suggest it and will be even happier once I get my hands on them!   

During our conversation Sam expressed her desire to have the table re-stained,  and that she might want color but was hesitant.  This is a legitimate concern.  My response is that I will always do what my customer wants and feels comfortable with, but, I will always communicate my belief in the temporary nature of paint!  One does not have to paint an entire kitchen set, or even choose a bold or daring color to achieve color.  In fact when Sam told me she really likes blue-gray, I was delighted because this can still serve as a neutral color, but is different from the typical white, gray, cream/ivory, or beige; colors predominant in Sam's house.   We also talked about incorporating color in smaller doses by adding new upholstery on the chairs, painting the legs of the piece, or painting just the chairs.  Sometimes it's even fun to go outside the box and paint a single chair, or paint each chair a different color.  Jobs like this really have powerful potential to stand out and can transform the look and feel of a room!   And, in upholding my mission, I feel strongly that helping my customers see the full potential in their pieces and their homes is what it's all about!  

Sam left on vacation the day after we met, so our "assignment" for the week was to brainstorm color ideas.  Below are some color samples I gathered.  Excluding the darker hues, you can see the variety of colors that fit the "blue-gray" bill: 

Sam did her "homework" too!  I received a text from her containing her color inspiration.  Here is what she sent me....

Her message read:  "Oddly enough, this canon in Virginia is a nice gray blue that I like".  Sam gets an "A" for her assignment!  Thank you Sam.  You never know where and when inspiration will strike, and when it does, you better take a picture!   There are a few hues in my color swatches that match that canon!  Yes!  We are on the same page.  

I spoke with Sam last evening to discuss our plan.  It was decided the chairs would be painted, and the table legs stained.  As far as the table top goes, Sam hopes for stain, but is agreeable to paint if the surface doesn't cooperate.   Either way it's going to look like new! 

I am now on the hunt for fabric for the chairs...more to come.   Maybe this will open up a door to more color yet.... but this is definitely a good start!  It's time for a new kitchen set with a little color....and some personality!  

Do you have a piece with some personality hidden underneath that dark wood or worn surface?  Try a new color and start small....maybe the backdrop of a bookshelf, or an accent table.   You might just love it.