A Fabulous Little "Sitting Piece": Studio-ready

Good morning!   

A friend of mine, Lori, asked me to paint the trim on a fabulous little sitting piece.  I don't even know what to call it....it's not a "loveseat" (although the name seems fitting since I do LOVE it), it's not a couch, or even a chair.  It's just a little sitting piece with great character.   Lori found this chair (she always finds the most awesome things) and I am sure she snatched it up immediately upon laying eyes on it.  She will be putting it in her brand new photography studio.  Fresh Snapped Photos is the name and Lori has recently landed a new studio store front.  Check her out:  www.freshsnappedphotos.com.  I've known Lori since I moved to Sheboygan about 13 years ago, and at that time she was a new entrepreneur embarking on her journey.   I am so happy to be making a special piece even greater for Lori and her new studio. 

I am not going to disclose the plan for this little "sitting piece" yet, but I will say I'm super excited about it and think it will look great in Lori's new studio.   I will be posting sneak peeks along the way, and as always, I'll be posting the final "reveal".  That's the best part.   Thank  you Lori for asking me to do this for you.  I look forward to it!  

Here's a look at the piece: 

The photos (and photographer which would be me) don't do it justice.  Maybe I could ask Lori to take a picture of her own piece.  Hahaha.  

As you can see, it's just an all-around great piece.  A little painted trim-work and she's ready to go.  A perfect find for a new photography studio.  To see updates, you can go to my website at www.novodecorco.com,  or you will see updates on Novo Decor Co. facebook.   Happy Wednesday and thanks for checking in!