Workshop Offerings 2015

Novo Decor Co. is happy to offer several workshops designed to inspire and engage you in the world of home decor, painted furniture, room design, and style!   I will be launching the first workshop in fall, 2015 and to prepare I'm asking for your input.   Each workshop is detailed below.  

When you read about the workshops I ask that you think about which one you'd be most likely to attend.  Which one catches your interest or seems the most fun?  Then, send your vote via the comment box!  The workshop that gets the most votes will be the first to launch in fall!

My workshops are designed to be fun, casual, and completely stress-free.  They are a great way to get your friends, co-workers, or family members together for a fun and enjoyable evening.  I will even provide awesome music and light refreshments.   Here are the workshops:  


This workshop is ideal for someone who wants to improve his/her decorating skills and overall decorating "know-how".  For just $35/person,  attendees will learn a variety of design styles and gain an understanding of their own personal style.  Ipads and a labtop will be available to view on-line examples of design styles, however, attendees are encouraged to bring their own tablet, and/or labtop for quick and convenient reference during class.  Opportunities will be provided to put learned methods into practice using a variety of home decor items, furniture, and accessories provided.  Attendees are also  encouraged to have available photos of their home interior and/or decorating dilemmas/questions so that suggestions and ideas can be provided.   This is a two hour class.  Class size is limited to 10 people.  


This is a great workshop for those who would like to freshen or brighten up their living space but may not want to spend a ton in the process.  Attendees will learn simple tricks for updating a variety of home decor at minimal cost.  Attendees will have fun putting newly learned strategies into practice and will take home their work to enjoy!  Fee for the course is $50/person and includes instruction time and hand-outs,  decor and supplies,  and new decor for the home.  This is a 2.5 hour class.  Class size is limited to 8 people.   


This workshop covers the basics of painting furniture including preparation, paint choice, and distressing techniques.  This workshop is great for those interested in learning how to "re-do" a furniture piece but lack the "know-how" on where to begin.  Also great for those who desire an update on a piece they already own,  but don't desire the price tag of a new piece of furniture. Fee for the class is $75/person and includes one on one instruction, all supplies and paint, hand-outs, and a fresh "new" piece of furniture.  Attendees must bring one small to medium size furniture item that can be carried easily.  Examples might include chairs, bedside tables, accent tables, plant stands, book shelves, magazine or coat racks.  This class is 3 hours long and is limited to 6 people.  

And those are my workshop offerings for 2015!   I really look forward to seeing your votes and getting ready to launch the first of many fun-filled and empowering workshops!