Fabulous Little "Sitting Piece": REVEAL

My friend Lori asked me to paint the wood trim on this piece.  Her request was for white, distressed.   I immediately did the happy dance.  This is possibly my favorite thing to do....painting something white and distressing it to a beautiful finish.  The original post on this fabulous sitting piece can be viewed here:   www.novodecorco.com/blogposts/2015/7/29/velvety-goodness-a-fabulous-little-sitting-piece

This is the perfect piece to distress for a couple reasons.  First,  it was originally a dark wood. I like distressing pieces that already have a dark wood surface because when I sand, the dark wood peeks through.  Love it when that happens....naturally.  Second, this piece has intricate detail carved into the wood.  Paint does not get into all those nooks of detail, hence, achieving the distressed appearance with ease.  It's fun to see this happen as you paint.  (at least I think so!)  

Below you can see the dark wood showing through where I sanded: 

The curved edges, the detail....the features of this piece make this type of painting technique fun.  And the result is quite fabulous:   

I cannot wait to see this piece in Lori's new photography studio!   Lori has a knack for finding amazing pieces and decor.  I was thrilled when she asked me to paint this for her.  When I finished it, I was googly-eyed over it and thought about where it would look good in my own house!  All kidding aside, it was a joy to do.  I don't doubt Lori has a great spot reserved for it.  



With a little white paint, sand paper, and finishing wax,  we have ourselves a fresh studio-ready piece of furniture.   Sometimes all a piece needs is fresh paint and it can potentially transform an entire space!   How can you freshen up a space in your home with a little paint?    

On deck for this week.....behind-the-scenes preparation and sneak peeks of my upcoming Farmers and Artisan market!   Also, kitchen set in progress.....