Color + Fabric = New Kitchen Set (UPDATE)

Hi!  I have focused much of my time this week on the upcoming Farmer's Market...but I have certainly not forgotten about the kitchen set I aim to transform!  My deadline for completion is Wednesday, August 26.   I continue to chip away at it between school preparation for the kiddos and market preparation.    I'm liking what I see. 

The kitchen set belongs to Sam.  She found my website and emailed me to inquire about my services.  I was absolutely thrilled!  In short, I did a home consultation to view her home and to discuss her tastes.  To find out more about the home consultation process, you can view that post here:

Here is what the kitchen set looked like the day I received it: 

The set has good bones.  Made of wood with the exception of the table surface which looks and acts like a laminate.    The chair upholstery was intact, but lacking personality; prompting its immediate removal! 

Once paint color was discussed and samples were viewed with Sam, fabric was next.  Fabric is so fun to look at....but when I see so many great patterns and colors, it makes me want to change the color schemes in my house, again!   A simple fabric change can do great things....kind of like mascara or new shoes.   Here's a look at the fabric choices:

Sam's reaction to some of these patterns was not complete and utter excitement...and I felt the same way.  Option #4 could have worked, but our goal was for more color; that one didn't fit the bill.  The fabric hunt resumed.....and then I found it.   Sam texted,  "go for it" and the re-upholstering began.  I posted a sneak peek of the winning fabric on one of the chairs early last is another look::

I love the fabric Sam chose and I am so glad I could find one that she felt excited about!   I have been "fighting" with the temperamental table legs.  They are in the process of being stripped and do not want to let go of their glaze-like, black-speckled, sprayed-on wood surface that's for sure!  The surface beneath is beautiful, however.  It's worth the fight.  Once that is complete, the table surface will be primed and painted.  

This is another one of those projects that I find myself visualizing what it would look like in my own house! It is taking shape and looking fresh.   I may have to post another sneak peek before final reveal day next week!  Stay tuned!  

Do you have a kitchen or dining set that could use a little make-over?  Don't have time or desire to paint the whole set?  Consider re-upholstering your chairs.   I will be posting a tutorial on how to re-upholster chairs in the near future.    

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!