Novo Decor Co.: Weekend Highlight

Another weekend of summer is behind us, and a busy one it was!   You might have seen my posts last week on the Elkhart Lake farmer's market.  On Saturday I had an opportunity to be involved in this market.  What fun!  The weather was beautiful.  The people were friendly and a joy to talk to.    A big heartfelt "Thank you" to all who came out Saturday morning!  So glad you stopped by.  A consistent theme in the discussions we had was how good the Elkhart Lake Farmer's Market is.  Visitors were impressed by the variety of booths and some even shared that they look forward to it every year, often frequenting the market in summer.  I was glad to be a part of it. 

I arrived early that morning and with the help of my awesome parents my booth was ready in no time.  There was even a little time to spare for a photo-taking opportunity!  My kids would not have been at all surprised by this.....they always tell me I take pictures of everything!  And they are right!  I am addicted to taking pictures.  

That being is a look at some of my early morning shots....

During the market there was also an opportunity for visitors to subscribe to my newsletter.  My newsletter is a cost-free and convenient way for you to  learn about events, new products,  and special offerings.  As a newsletter recipient you receive an email update 1-2 times per month and are eligible for great deals and surprises.  You can subscribe directly from this link:

I look forward to my next visit at the Elkhart Lake Farmer's Market in October.  I have some ideas for how to make my booth a little more "hand-on".   But the hands-on fun doesn't stop once Farmer's Market season does, however!  Workshops and on-line tutorials are coming your way, so please keep checking in!  It is going to be a fun fall/winter season ahead for Novo Decor Co.  

Enjoy your week and these last days before the hustle and bustle of the school year!   Today really feels like fall doesn't it? 

On deck for this week:  How to re-upholster a chair