Painting Basics: Couples Edition

It is time to start talking about fun plans for fall!   I have several workshops that I can't wait to launch! The first workshop will be in October and will be covering painting basics.   A great idea came to me over the weekend.  At least I think it's a great idea....and I hope you do too!  It is something I had not thought of previously,  but several couples approached me at my booth last weekend, talking about their projects.....then the idea hit.    A "couples" workshop! 

The Conversation: 

"What should we do with this old chest?" 

"I don't's been collecting dust for like 5 years.  It doesn't match our house.  I'd like to hold onto it though.  It was my grandma's.  

"Can we use it for toy storage in the basement?"  

"Maybe.  It's really a unique piece though.  I hate to stick it down there.  What if we restored it?"

"Like stain it?"

"Or.....what if we painted it.  Our house needs some color.  I have no idea where to start though". 

"Do we have time?"

"Not at all.....but I don't want to get rid of it yet."  

If you and your spouse have had a conversation like this before, or have projects on your "to-do" list but don't have the skills or confidence to tackle them alone, than this is a workshop you won't want to miss.   The best part is that you will walk away with a new piece of furniture that you painted!  And once you learn the basics, you will have what you need to restore a variety of your pieces......on your own!   

Workshop space will be limited so keep your eyes open for registration!  I will be sending out more details on the workshop in the September newsletter.   I will also be posting details on my blog and on facebook! 

I am really looking forward to this event!   Soon my preparation for the workshop will be underway... I really want it to feel as close to a studio/workshop painting experience as possible.  So I had better get on that!  

In the meantime think about how awesome it would be to finally get that project underway...and completed!   Same old piece; fresh new look!  Painting Basics is your ticket!