Little Desk Big Statement

This week I am starting on a new piece I recently picked up for a friend of mine.  It was a desk her mom gave her years back.  It has received plenty of wear and tare with young kids in the house, as well as a couple moves over the years.   It is time to bring this little desk to life.  

My friend Sam owns the desk, and she loves purple.  Purple is such a fun color and I'm exited to have my first try at painting with it!   I showed Sam several color samples to see what she liked best.   She chose "Impulsive purple".  With a name like that you know it's a bold color, but Sam still wants to maintain the more traditional aesthetic of her room/home without going overboard on the desk.   Now it's my job to do just that...

Here is the desk: 

This is a smaller desk but will need careful thought and planning due to its many nooks and crannies....which will make it a fun and challenging piece to work on.  And a fabric search is in my near future for that cushion!  

As always, I will post sneak peeks along the way.  Do you have a piece of furniture that was passed down to you?  These are the best kind of pieces to hold onto, and with a little paint, style, and love, they will stand out in any space and never be forgotten!