My home; my workshop: PART ONE

This post is devoted to a "behind-the-scenes" look at my home;  the good and the bad.  I am a person who prefers order and clutter-free spaces, however, my workshop indicates otherwise, and it's time I get on that.   I have several objectives for publishing this post today:  

1.  To inspire you with photos that might relate to you in  some way, or maybe even make you laugh

2. To help hold myself accountable to the areas in my home that need work.  This will be a series so stay tuned! 

3.  To share my love for home  

My home is where I love to be.   For me, the look and feel of a room can hugely impact my mood,  feelings, brainstorming abilities, and even problem solving skills.  This is probably why I generally keep an orderly and pretty living space, because my work space certainly isn't (which you will soon see).  Somehow the two spaces balance each other out, allowing me to work productively among the clutter and chaos (or so I have concluded). 

Because of my love for decorating and sharing decorating ideas with you, I am always re-arranging and modifying rooms in our home.  To share a decorating style effectively the space has to be clean!  So every now and then we all do a quick 5 minute "pick-up" around the house so mom can take some pictures.  And that is what you see below.  Not a single sock in sight.....

In all honesty, it is certainly not clean and orderly all the time.  Like so many of us do, I work on several tasks at one time and it's easy for me to leave a tool sit, while I run off to throw in a load of laundry!  A variety of tools and supplies can be found randomly throughout our house on any given day, but they usually don't remain for too long.   

In contrast to the pretty living spaces, however, is the ugly truth....the "behind the scenes" of the "work" areas in our home; otherwise known as my "workshop".  Amazingly our boys never set foot around my projects.  I guess even they recognize visual clutter and chaos when they see it!   I will admit that my clean-up regimen can get so lax that these areas become high-risk danger zones....not to mention how bad they look!  Take a browse.....

My human eye cannot process what it sees in those pictures!  It is high time I get my act in gear and create work spaces that function well, and look better too.  My goal is to create harmony between the living spaces and the work spaces within my home.   The days of working on the floor and piling up my supplies so I have to "hunt" for the supplies I need, are soon to end.   This post is the first step in holding myself accountable for tackling the job! Can you help hold me accountable? Send me an email:,  or comment on, or facebook   Ask me how it's going!  But before I wrap up here....there is more to show you....

My office.  This is where I write posts for my blog, and brainstorm ideas.   My office space was was created last might remember seeing a before/after of it.  I love the space now, but keeping it orderly is a different story.  I"m a huge visual person which explains the multitude of post-its and papers containing information (vital information!).  This is yet another work area in need of help.  t's time to organize those papers in a more efficient and visually appealing way. 

And last but certainly not least, there is the "other" workshop (pictured at bottom) which is located next to my office.   My husband built me a work table and I can't even see it in these photos.  A curtain separates my desk area from that space....and that is a good thing.  When I glance over there it causes me mild anxiety.  It's funny how my living space is not at all commensurate with my work space isn't it?  De-cluttering a kitchen counter top can give me piece of mind to tackle practically any life issue, so why is my workspace so crazy cluttered? It's time.    

So there you have it.  The pretty and the not-so-pretty behind-the-scenes look at my home and my workshop!  My journey of creating visual cohesion between both areas starts this week. It will feel good to get started on something I've been putting off for too long!   

Signing off for now......I have some de-cluttering to do.

Do you have a space in your home that is crazy cluttered and needs to function more efficiently for you?  What is that space?   Maybe you can start your journey with me?  I promise I won't make you post photos!    Stay tuned for Part Two.....