Monday Buzz: Quick Tip -Back-to-School Project

If your kids are getting antsy this time of summer, or you need a little zing at your own desk or home office is a fun, quick, and easy project to try:

Supplies Needed:

1. empty cans

2.  fabric or decorative paper

3. spray adhesive

4.  exact-o knife (or scissors) 

5.  paint or stain

6.  1x4 board (12-15 inches long)

7.  liquid nails

How to Make: 

1. Spray paint your cans (this is optional if you don't want the silver top/bottom seams of the cans to show) 

2.  Cut your fabric/paper to fit your cans.  Position the paper around the can tightly, then when it's in place, use an exact-o knife to trim along the top and bottom seams of the can. 

3.  Spray the cans all the way around with spray adhesive, then place your fabric/paper strip around it, pressing it and smoothing it around the can

3.  Paint or stain a wood board

4.  Use liquid nails to attach the bottom of the cans to your board

And that's it!  Now you have a cute office accessory!  And it's custom-made by you.  Enjoy and have fun!