My Home; My Workshop: Part Two

Hi there!  This is the second of a series of posts coming your way on the revamping of my home work space!  If you're just tuning in now and missed Part One, you can check it out here:   www,

Seeing Part One will help you appreciate part two!  Part One of this series was published last week.  It was an introduction to my home and my "work" spaces scattered throughout my home.  In that post I included photos to show you just how ugly these work areas had become (the photos were very eye-opening for me!).  In order to hold myself accountable for getting the job done, I decided to start a series on my progress.  

Good news!  I have had success over the past week.  I was off to a great start by throwing out two garbage bags full of junk.  I organized my supplies, and stored items the way they should be stored (properly and safely!).  My work areas are now hazard-free.  Just by accomplishing this, I already feel better!  

Here is a photo looking into my basement workshop, from my office space, BEFORE:  

The curtains were hung when I created my office, to separate the pretty from the ugly. However, it became very clear that I needed more space for smaller projects and storing supplies.   Soooo,  my work space slowly extended beyond those curtains.  Karl built me a great work desk months ago.  He also hung peg board.   I went way too long without using that peg board!  But this past week, not only did I tackle the peg board, but I also eliminated visual clutter!  I see table legs again!   And it's kind of fun to see my "things" displayed and stored at the same time!   Here are some shots: 

Compared to the "before" photos, this space has improved drastically.  I can locate needed supplies immediately and I have a table surface that's not buried.  Once I find a stool then I can actually sit at that table and work on a project!    

But the job is not done yet....I still have to paint the floor and wall to brighten up the space, and finish organizing the other side of the room, opposite the work table.  See below:  

Then I plan to create better storage under my work table, and if I am really on top of my game, I will hide that storage with a cute curtain....

I am making great progress in the basement....and need to continue that trend upstairs, in my other work area.  Our front room is the first thing one sees upon entering my home!  And it has been designated as the area where I paint my pieces.  I have started on that area and have put my supplies into a cabinet.  That's it so far.   My goal is to end this series with a great "workshop" in the front room; complete with a smaller work surface, better/prettier storage and an aesthetically pleasing area where I can bring customers to review plans, look at color samples, and have a chat!  It is a small space though, and I would like enough room for at least two furniture pieces at a time.  So, I will have to think creatively about storage options and keep only the major necessities in the room for an efficient workflow.

Here is a glimpse of the room before:

I have no "after" photo for you here,  as my progress on this part is not that impressive...yet!  But you can count on some changes in the next couple weeks....

Thank you for tuning in!  I hope you can take something away from my experience on this project.   Sometimes it helps to see someone else tackle an area of their home to get us motivated!  Maybe this series will motivate you to tackle a de-cluttering feat!  Have you started any projects like this in your home?  I'd love to hear about the job you are tackling, or hope to tackle!  You may find it's not so bad after all.