Little Desk Big Statement: Reveal Time!

This is a wrap for the Little Desk Big Statement series!   Recently I posted a sneak peak....showing you the beautiful purple and the great fabric used on this piece.  Now that the desk is complete, the purple really pops against the neutral gray tones and dark walnut-stained wood. 

Here is the desk BEFORE :

And here is the desk NOW:

It was a great piece before the make-over, but now, it's even better!   With a fresh, bold new look it is certain to stand out in any room.  

This is a perfect example of using a bold color, but not going overboard.  The neutral gray tones and the natural wood balance the piece out.  The fabric pulls all the colors together.  It really works.   

I added a fun surprise in the drawers because what is a drawer without some kind of pretty liner?  The fun thing about drawer liners is they don't have to match the patterns used on the exterior of the piece.  I think as long as color scheme is maintained, options for drawer liners are plentiful.

Thank you Sam for asking me to do this for you.  I hope you love it!  Maybe you can pass it down to your daughter one day.....

Pay no attention to the yellow lab behind the desk.  

Up next.....update on the "Chrysalis" photos with full post to follow this week!  


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