Five Dollar Wall Art in Ten Minutes

Hi!  I recently made some new wall art for the house.  I like to changes things up a bit.  This time I wanted something bold.  Something simple. And something that wouldn't break the bank!   

I'm a sucker for the 90% off aisle at Hobby Lobby.  These aisles don't come around all the time, but typically when a season is nearing its end, you can spot them.   The 90% off is great in and of itself, but when you can find something that actually works for your house, that is just excellent!   You might have to look beyond what meets your eye, however.  Remember, it can always be changed with a little TLC.  I do it all the time.     

The Picture

My most recent find was a "double" poster set for 90% off.  I would have never paid the full price for it.  But when I saw the price tag, it was just meant to be in my home.   Rather then using both the posters, I only used one for this project.  I simply cut them in half and now have two potential pictures.  Maybe I'll switch it up and use the other picture at some point, but until then, it will find a home in my inventory. 

The Frame

Want to know a great secret?    I find many of my frames at thrift shops!  And so can you.  Take a gander at the frame section at your nearest thrift store.  You will see a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.   Allow yourself time to inspect them though.  Make sure the glass is intact, and that the frame is solid.  I also check out the back; is it hang-able, or could it be?  You don't have to like the color of the frame, because it can be painted.  Some frames that I find are great as is.  I just remove what's inside, and replace it with my own art.    I found a lovely picture of Buddha...or this GREAT frame below:

What stood out with this frame was the natural wood tone, and the style.  The key is to look beyond the picture inside.  Just examine the frame.   I didn't do a thing to this frame, besides empty it out!   Once I removed the lovely Buddha man, I cleaned the glass and decided what type of backing to put inside.  Since my picture wasn't big enough to fill up the frame, I wanted to find something that could border the photo.  I decided on contact paper.  But, you could use anything including posterboard, wall paper, wrapping paper, or even a piece of fabric. 

I placed the cardboard backing that was already in the frame over a larger piece of contact paper (sticky side facing up).  After smoothing the contact paper over the board,  I trimmed the excess contact paper around the cardboard piece.  Then, I placed my photo in the center of the cardboard.  I used a glue stick on each corner to do this.   Tip:  the less glue applied, the better. Otherwise your photo appears wavy, and sometimes you can even see where the glue was applied.  

The Finished Product

And here is the finished product:

And the fun part....hanging my new wall art!  The picture says, "Flamingo Lounge.  Where flamboyant attire is always welcome".      I love it.  

There might still be items left in the 90% off aisle at Hobby Lobby......Go check it out!  And go thrifting sometime if you haven't before!  You might just find a diamond in the rough.  


The Process: