4 Simple Decorating Tips for Fall

Fall is approaching.  I love the cool air, colors, food, and the decorating!  Today's post inclues some simple decorating tips for fall.   There are so many beautiful and creative ways to decorate this time of year. Here are some of my favorites....


I love incorporating texture no matter what time of year it is!  But, in fall l think texture plays a huge role in making a room feel warm and inviting.  Texture can be found in your pillows, baskets, window treatments, centerpieces, rugs, and even your furniture. My favorite texture is wicker.  WIcker is timeless and visually stands out amidst any color or decor scheme.  I love finding different varieties of wicker in thrift shops.  I don't think I have purchased a new basket in ten years!  I almost always walk out of a thrift store with a unique piece of wicker decor. Here are some examples of textured items I love: 


Using artificial (or real) fall foliage is a very easy way to decorate for fall!  You can find artificial leaves and other arrangements in any store that sells home decor.   Or, better yet, look for foliage in your yard.  Sunflowers make beautiful fall arrangements.   Even a single sunflower arranged with twigs in a vase is a classy way to add a touch of fall to any room.     Twig wreaths can also be used to add that rustic, outdoor feel to your decor.


Fall colors go a long way.  Traditionally we think of oranges, golds/yellows, and reds in fall. If you have those cool summer colors out, now is the time to replace them with warm hues of fall. This simple tip can change the mood and feel of a room!   But, you don't have to use the traditional fall colors we often think of!   I love the orange and pink combination in the photo below.  Try a new hue, or choose your favorite fall color as your accent color in a neutral room.   


Rooms that incorporate natural wood tones are especially beautiful in fall.   I paint furniture, but, some wood pieces should be left alone!  I like to mix it up by combining painted pieces with wood pieces in their original rich wood tones. Besides furniture, other ways to incorporate wood tones might include crates or trunks, wood framed mirrors or photos, bowls, candlesticks, and books/magazine racks.  

With September nearing the end, it is time to start thinking fall.  What simple changes can you make in your home, or with your decor, to create that fall feel in the air?  The purpose of my blog is not only to share my ideas, but to inspire and invite you to share your ideas as well!  Is your fall decor out yet?  I'd love to see it!  To share your idea, you can post your photo here:  www.facebook.com/novodecorco

I hope some of my tips were useful for you and that you enjoy the new season ahead.   Happy fall decorating!