New Room: My Process

Hello and welcome as I celebrate my first-ever "Chrysalis" order.  Chysalis is a room package I offer that involves a product and a service, all in one.  It was designed for many reasons: 

1.  To help you freshen up your living space in no time flat! 

2.  To combine items you already own with items in my inventory (or items I find for you)

3.  To provide you a convenient and hassle-free way of decorating your space

4.  To inspire you to learn your decorating style and help you put it to work!  

5.  To help you recognize the value and impact that any re-furbished item (yes even the "ugliest" item you currently own) can have in your space

Decorating is a passion of mine....and my mission is to help make decorating a little easier and a lot more fun for you! 

This is how my first order for the "Chrysalis" package came to be.   You might remember this set below.....this is the inspiration for the current room package I am putting together for Sam. Sam, the owner of the kitchen set, took a leap of faith and chose color.  But now, her living space needs help so her new set doesn't stand out like a sore thumb!  

I chose colors that will pull together the kitchen set with the rest of her living room/kitchen.  This is such a happy color scheme!  

I brought the color samples with me for Sam's room design home consultation.  She indicated she really liked the navy and was open to trying reddish-orange (the color in the kitchen chair upholstery). Sherwin Williams closest match is called "red tomato".   Also a bold color, navy is a great anchor for this color scheme.  Sam also found a green hue she really liked, which we matched to "Frolic", another Sherwin Williams color.  Perfect!  Together we created her color scheme; a well balanced yet dynamic combination. 

So how did specific plans for this package come to fruition?  Per my request Sam created an inspiration board on Pinterest containing colors and photos of rooms that she loves.  I used this to form my ideas of how to incorporate her taste into the new space.  Additionally when I pull a room together I consider four basics which include color, furniture placement/lay-out and pieces used, decor, and room styling.  I spent an hour and a half talking through these points with Sam, and together we came up with a plan. 

Color Scheme

Sam already had plans to paint her kitchen.  I suggested a neutral shade to provide a backdrop for her soon-to-be colorful decor.   We went a couple shades lighter than her living room, and ended up with "Pebble White" by Glidden.  For accent colors, she decided on navy (Restless Sea, by Behr), chartreuse green (Frolic by Sherwin Williams), blue (same as her kitchen set (Languid Blue by Sherwin Williams), and the reddish-orange from her chairs ("Red Tomato" by Sherwin Williams).  She was also agreeable to throwing in a little gold/yellow.  Sam's assignment:  paint the walls and window trim/back door in her kitchen.  My assignment: Start gathering decor and accessories for the new space.  

Furniture Placement/Pieces Used

A room should be functional and well-balanced.  For example if you need storage in a room, a cabinet or hutch is a nice way to provide that needed storage, but also create visual appeal. By well-balanced, I mean that a room shouldn't look and feel lop-sided, or have all its furniture on one end, a group of larger pieces on one end and smaller pieces on the other.  If there are items not being used in a room, they can and probably should be removed.  If there are pieces needed whether for functionality, or to fill dead spaces, then it's my job to find them.  I  also use pieces from my inventory, as well as custom painted pieces if it is necessary in completing the look you want.  But it's not over once I find your piece or paint one for you!   I also help you decide how to place your furniture to maximize the space in your room, and to visually balance the space.  When I'm planning room lay-out, I also consider wall decor and furniture placement. I often use placement of wall decor to determine where to put furniture, and vice versa.  Sam told me her goal for the room and what she currently likes/doesn't like about the room.  I gave her a couple suggestions for re-arranging the couches/chair and side tables.  Her assignment:  try the suggested lay-outs and see which one flows best.  I also recommended a long, narrow table (sofa table) along her kitchen wall. The wall is currently bare and happens to be next to her new kitchen set.  Balance is needed; hence the sofa table and some great wall art above it.  We're getting closer....


Before meeting, I asked Sam to look around her house for old decor in storage, or items from other rooms that she could potentially use in her "new" living room/kitchen.  She had her items out on the kitchen counter when I arrived.  Each piece will have a home in this room re-design....but a little light paint will freshen them up.  Sam also had a small lamp that would work great on her soon-to-be sofa table.   I suggested we change out the current black lamp shade, for a white one, again with the goal to lighten up her space.  After determining what items of Sam's we will use,  I went to my inventory and chose pieces that contained the colors and textures we talked about.   That left me with the remaining items to seek out and purchase for Sam.  These items included two lamp shades, a sofa table, 4 place mats, and pillow covers.  We had our plan.  Sam's assignment:  find a reddish-orange or white/cream colored throw blanket for her sofas , choose a rug and barstools for the eating area.    Sam felt good about her assignment, and I couldn't wait to get started on mine! 


This can be the most fun part of any room "re-do" and something that I want to make as enjoyable for you as possible; particularly if you are not keen on decorating, can't find the time to finish your room (or start it!), or you just feel you need a little help pulling it all together.  I want to eliminate those common roadblocks that make a room project seem more like a "chore".   Styling is how the decor, wall hangings, and textiles like pillows and throw blankets are arranged in the room.  Once I've gathered all the necessary pieces for your room, I will style the room for you.  I will do my part to style your room with as much or as little involvement from you as YOU want.  I discussed this with Sam and she is relieved that I will do the styling.   

Current Status of the "Chrysalis"

I am finished gathering items for Sam's space and look forward to getting started.  I sent her pictures of rugs and bar stools that I thought would look great in her space.   Sam made a very good choice and went with a Jute Braided Rug in "natural".   This is a great option because a colorful or busy rug would detract from the kitchen set.  Additionally, jute rugs are durable and good for high traffic areas.  I have one and LOVE it. Sam had her rug and bar stools ordered in a matter of a couple days.  Awesome.  

Here are some looks at the colors, patterns, and textures, that will be incorporated into Sam's new space:

My search for decor/accessories for this project has been successful, and I already had a number of work-able items in my inventory.  Additionally, I found a beautiful sofa table that will work great.  With a minor paint update, that sofa table will be perfect in Sam's new space.  

The room "re-do" is scheduled on October 2.   Photos to follow.    Don't miss it! 

Need a little help with getting started on a room?  Is there something you'd love to change in your home?   The colors?  The wall decor?   Sometimes a simple change like re-arranging your furniture can make all the difference!