The Four Dollar Dresser in Ten Minutes: This Weekend!

Happy Friday.....we are approaching a long weekend ahead....yipee!  I hope you enjoy it and can reap the rewards of your hard work with a little rest and relaxation on Labor Day.  If you have the itch to do a little project around the house for only $4.00, then read on....

This project involves any dresser in your house, spray paint ($4.00), and a screw driver.  I painted our dresser a year ago and left the hardware the way it was, but, that hardware has bugged me ever since.   The dresser is light blue/gray.  The hardware: jet black. 

Today, I faced the hardware head-on and covered it with spray paint.  I chose metallic gold.  (big surprise!).   I usually do my spray projects outside or in the garage.  Make sure you have a well-ventilated space, or a mask!  This project was over before I could even locate my mask.  See yesterday's post as to why I could not quickly locate my mask, ugh!      

So here it is.  A quick and easy project to do over the weekend:

I like the gold hardware....but something has definitely been confirmed about this dresser now that I look at it.  The whole dresser should be white!  I have contemplated this in the past, and now that these drawer pulls are gold, my white paint must make an appearance.  I hope that if you try this project, it doesn't make you want to paint your entire dresser, because that is just more work and after all, it is Labor Day weekend.    

Give the $4.00, ten minute dresser project a will be surprised how a little spray paint goes a long way!   

Happy spraying! 

Up next week......

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