Novo Decor Co. Custom Packages: What To Know

Greetings!   Today's post is about my custom packages.  My primary goal is to provide you a product and/or service that is specific to your decorating wishes and needs.   If you are unsure whether one of these packages might be a good option for you, I'd really love to talk! Together we can create your own personal "package" that best suits your needs!   

I offer 4 custom packages which include Milkweed Meadow, Chrysalis, Monarch, and Blue Morpho.   I am happy to come to your home to discuss and brainstorm any potential project. This allows me to get a feel for your home, and your taste/style.  Here is a description of each package:

1. Milkweed Meadow:  This is a furniture re-furbish package that includes up to 3 large pieces.   I will come to your home and assess your pieces.  Then we will discuss what you'd like to see in your piece.   I will give you a price estimate based on the size/type and condition of your piece(s), and the specific look you desire.    

2.  Chrysalis:  This is a partial room package which includes furniture refurbish of 2 furniture pieces, updates to up to 5 of your existing decor items (or items I seek out for you),  furniture placement, and styling of your room. Styling can include anything from the combination of furniture in a room, to the arrangement of decor, to the accents like pillows/throws, wall art, etc.   

3.  Monarch:  This is a full room package and includes re-furbish of up to 4 furniture pieces, room re-design/lay out, styling, and updates to up to eight of your existing decor items, or items I seek out for you.  This is an ideal package if you desire a full room transformation but may not feel confident in your decorating skills to take on an entire room re-do.  Or maybe you want to freshen up a room in your home but don't have the time or desire to tackle it. Pricing is based on the size/condition of your pieces, items used from my inventory, what I seek out for you and purchase, time invested in the project, and the best part.....the convenience of decorating your new space free of hassles and guess-work! 

4.  Blue Morpho:   If you are looking to update your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry this is the package for you.  The package includes re-furbish of your existing cabinetry as well as new or updated hardware.  A portion of the project can be completed in my workshop such as the cabinet doors and hardware, but will require my presence in your home for several hours, (or days!) at a time to paint your cabinet framework.  Pricing is dependent on the size of the project, style/color you desire, and time invested in the project.  

I hope you learned a little more about my services.   In addition to refurbishing furniture, I also help you decorate your space. This is particularly great when you receive your newly painted piece (s), and need a little help achieving a cohesive look with your already existing decor and furniture.  My ultimate objective will always be to provide a product & service that YOU want.    I am eager to start brainstorming ideas and freshening up some living spaces!  

Update:  since this post was first written, I've received my first order for a room package! Wahooo!   The project is underway and has been a great experience so far. Keep checking in on my website or on the Novo Decor Co. facebook page to see the fun plans and final transformation!