Little Desk Big Statement: SNEAK PEEK

This morning's post is a short and sweet update on the Little Desk Big Statement "series"!   As you might have seen, I'm using a bold purple paint for this piece. The color is actually called "Impulsive Purple". It is even more beautiful than I imagined.  When I opened the can of paint, I did my usual happy dance, followed by a gasp of air once the first brush stroke hit the freshly primed and sanded piece.  I am not telling which part is purple....yet!  But maybe the pictures will give you a hint!  


THE COLOR:  IMPULSIVE PURPLE  by Sherwin Williams:

The other colors will remain a surprise, though I do believe they will be welcomed with open arms! The fabric....oh my goodness the fabric.  I usually have to search far and wide for the perfect fabric.....but not this time!  There it was....right there in front of me. I love you Hobby Lobby!  When I saw it, I knew my search was OVER!     

THE WINNING FABRIC:  Rich colors against a neutral backdrop.  I am sure in fabric world there is a name for this particular design/pattern, but for now, "awesome" will do!

So where is this fabric going?  It is going to cover the seat cushion for the bench.   Catch a sneak peek at the bench below....

The final reveal is scheduled for publication next week!  Tune won't want to miss this one!  (especially if you are a lover of purple!) 

I can't wait to finish this desk!  A few more things on my to-do list: Decide on hardware, additional coats of paint, and a poly protective layer to "seal" the deal.   

Do you like the purple?  Is there a piece in your home that you would be daring enough to try a bold color on?  Starting with a small piece is a great way to test whether you like it or not. 

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