Antique Headboard/footboard: Benches Please!

Hello and welcome to the start of a new undertaking for Novo Decor Co. !  This is an introduction to my venture with building benches!   I was contacted by a friend who I met through my sister-in-law. Her name is Tiffany and she lives in my hometown of Beaver Dam, WI.  She inquired about up-cycling a headboard/footboard that she has been storing in her basement.  They belonged to her grandmother, so of course they hold special meaning.   I think it is so great when we can use pieces that were once used by our  loved ones, and I consider it an honor to work on these types of pieces!    "Thank You" to Tiffany for thinking of me and seeking out my services for this project! 

Plans for the benches were finalized over the weekend and all the supplies are ready to go!  

With their dark wood, these pieces will paint/distress beautifully.  I may leave one of the backboards as is, while adding a little color elsewhere.  

I sent Tiffany a couple examples of pieces similar to the look and color she described.  Her response was "Awesome". It's officially time to get to work.   Here are the examples I showed her:

And here is a photo of these great pieces:

They really are beautiful and will make a great pair of benches.   I look forward to seeing this new project take shape!  Do you have any antique pieces in storage?  If so, take a look at them and think about how they could be used in your house!  

Be sure and tune in later today for the series  "Little Desk Big Statement": The REVEAL.  

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Happy Monday