2015 Customer Testimonials

Greetings everyone!   This is not only a very fun post to share with you, it is also deeply meaningful to me because it contains personal testimonials from my very first customers! Novo Decor Co. wouldn't be where it is today without my customers!   I have learned so much since launching my business and it was this first group of customers that helped me develop new ideas, new procedures, and better services.  A giant and heart-felt "Thank You" to you all.  I loved each and every project from start to finish.  It is always so rewarding to complete a project and to see others' reactions upon first seeing their piece, or room.  There really are no words for that joy!   

For fun I added before/after photos of each project, as well as related links, including more photos, how-to's, and of course, great stories (because every piece or room has a story!).  

With that said, here is what some of my 2015 customers had to say about my services, kicking off with a pair of benches I made for Tiffany.  


"I had a buried treasure collecting dust in my basement for over 10 years.  I couldn't part with it, yet it had no purpose.  It was my grandma's beautiful headboard and footboard, but without side rails and of a non-standard size.  I was about to throw it to the curb but decided to reach out to Kate at Novo Decor Co. in a last ditch effort.  I had no idea what I wanted or if she could do anything with it, yet she immediately responded with incredible enthusiasm.  In just a few weeks she took my buried treasure and turned it into TWO separate functional pieces for both my mother and I to enjoy.  Beautiful benches.  Solid, colorful and trendy, conversation pieces.  Every time I look at my bench it makes me smile, it makes my mom smile, and I know my grandma is smiling down from heaven!"      -Tiffany

So how exactly did these benches come to fruition? Click on these related links!  

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The next testimonial comes from Denise.   I also filmed Denise during her dresser reveal.  To view that footage, just click HERE This link will take you to the Novo Decor Co. facebook page.  Scroll down to the video section and you will see video clips. click on the one with a pink dresser!


"I found Kate after she finished a piece for a friend. I loved the piece and I knew that Kate could work wonders on a few older well loved pieces I had inherited.  Wonders she did! You would never even guess that one I had purchased at a ReStore shop for $10!  The pieces (2 chairs and a small dresser) turned out even better than I expected. She was a whiz with selecting just the right color combinations to make the dresser and chairs work in their new rooms.  I love Kate, as she is super easy to work with and fun to collaborate with.  I would highly recommend her for any of your interior rehabbing needs - from painting furniture to sprucing up a room.  She is your gal!"                                                                                                                              -Denise

See the details on these pieces and their transformations by clicking on the links below:

Pretty in Pink: Girl's Dresser Make-Over

Pretty in Pink: Girl's Dresser REVEAL

Two Chairs; Two Styles: REVEAL 


This was a set of tables that received several coats of crisp white paint and a little glam.  Kara, the owner of the tables, knew she wanted white, silver, and bling. Kara was pleased with the results.  Here is what she had to say.....

"The pictures of my new tables don't do them justice!  Kate took my vision and executed everything I asked for and more and we could not be happier with the outcome! Thank you Kate. We adore them!"   -Kara 

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Modern Retro: "Give me Bling" Series REVEAL


Using black chalk paint,  a wax finish, and updated hardware, this dresser was completely transformed.  Its owner desired a new look for her son's dresser, so she surprised him by having it re-done.  I am so glad she thought of Novo Decor Co. to make this happen!  Here is what Erica says about her experience with Novo Decor Co. and her son's "new" piece....


"I never dreamed I would allow my son's dresser to be seen by the public eye.  It was hidden away in his closet, door closed.  I thought there was no hope of it ever finding a place in his room, until I started seeing Kate's posts.  I thought, if anyone could transform this old garage sale item, Kate could....and she did.  She finished it in a black chalk paint, replaced all the hardware, and added perfectly matched drawer liners.  Take my advice, before you give up on a piece of furniture, run it past Kate first!  She has an amazing gift of design."   -Erica

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5.  Sitting Piece  

My friend Lori asked me to paint the trim on an amazing piece she found.  With a brand new photography studio to decorate, she wanted a fresh look for the piece.  The original trim was a dark brown wood finish.  In no time this piece was updated and looking "chic" right along with the new studio it sits in now!   Here it is:

Now the piece fits perfectly into the beautifully decorated studio (aka Fresh Snapped Photos)!  See what the owner, Lori, has to say: 

"This summer I purchased a cute little sitting piece for my photography studio. The fabric was a perfect lime green which would be perfect for both boys and girls alike. I was so excited! however, I felt the dark wood made it look a bit outdated. I would normally paint something like this myself, but I was so busy with work and it probably would have taken me months to get to! So I turned to Kate and her services knowing that the piece would be in good hands. (being an artist myself, it takes a LOT for me to trust someone else to do this kind of work for me. I'm admittedly super picky.) Kate and I spoke briefly about what I was thinking and she immediately 'got' what I wanted. Now my piece has distressed white wood which brightens it up and makes it more attractive in photos. Kate's work was impeccable.  Not a speck of paint out of place, and the finish was smooth and very professional. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to have a piece of furniture refurbished or updated.  -Lori

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Fabulous Little "Sitting Piece" REVEAL


This piece is one-of-a-kind.  I was honored that its owners Michelle and Matt trusted me to it!  It was a challenge, but I learned so much during the process and was pleased with the results. Michelle was also happy with the result.   (To view that video click HERE.  this link will take you to the Novo Decor Co. facebook page....scroll down to VIDEO).  

Here is what Michelle said:  

"We had this cabinet in our living room that was so functional, with a hidden bar and racks for glasses, it served us very well.  The problem was I picked it out when I had no taste and its ugliness was now too much to bear.  Along came Kate.  She asked me what I wanted her to do to it and I told her "just get rid of the ugly".  That is the only guidance I gave her.  She came over, looked at the room it would be going in, matched some colors, and asked me some questions.  That was it.  It turned out perfect.  I could not have chosen the colors or the design or any of it any better.  I have now decorated my room around that piece.  I have many other pieces in my house that need her attention and can't wait to see what she comes up with next.


And here is the before/after of the cabinet: (I realized I do not have a photo of the finished cabinet completely opened....shoot!)

7.  Dining Set & Room Re-Fresh:  

Sam found my website via facebook.  I did a home consultation with her and together we came up with a plan for her set, and her living room.  Sam was one of my very first "room package" customers and I will always be grateful!  Sam was a joy to work with and it was fun helping her make decisions about her "new" kitchen set and room!  Here is what Sam share.....

"I am so glad I found Kate and her company Novo Decor. I found Kate through her Facebook page for Novo Decor Co and found myself always checking back to see her updates. It led me to her website where I began following her blog. Kate's work is truly inspiring and I loved seeing what she was doing. Kate began by giving my kitchen dining set a makeover. I was so comfortable working with Kate because she was incorporating my style into the table through her work. I was beyond impressed with how my table set turned out. Kate's passion and excitement inspired me to take my home to the next level and revamp my decor. Kate transformed my space, gave it color and life.  

The time that Kate spent working with me ensured me I would love my new space that we created together! I am in complete awe of Kate's talent and am so happy she chose to pursue her passion. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking to give their space a makeover or to re-purpose a piece of furniture, small or big!"   -Sam

Here is a look at Sam's room before the "refresh" and after....

And finally, the dining set.....

This post was a joy to write.  The response I received from my customers was overwhelming!  To all of my customers......THANK YOU so very much.  Your kind words brought a warmth to my heart and a smile to my face.   I will be creating a page on my website titled "Testimonials", so, if your piece was not featured in this post, it will be on my website soon!  

I look forward to new ideas, events & offerings, and hopefully many new relationships as I transform pieces and rooms one by one!   It has been nearly 8 months since Novo Decor Co. was launched and I couldn't be more certain of that decision!   

Here's to 2016!