Year in pictures: A look back on 2016

Happy 2017!  We say it every year, but seriously...another year done?  How is that possible? With the start of a new year, I am reminded of the stories I was honored to be part of, in the world of re-imagined furniture, and living spaces.  I also reflect on the friendships that were developed, and enhanced, along the way.  

Whether you were a customer, inquired about my services,  commented on,  "liked" and/or "shared" my posts on social media (Facebook and Instagram), it is so appreciated and I am filled with gratitude.  So, on this second day of the new year, I thought I'd share some pictures that represent Novo Decor in 2016. 

Let's get started already!

Several large armoirs were on the 2016 agenda. Shabby chic, distressed pieces are my "specialty" and for this piece, that's just what the customer ordered! You can see that blog post here: Shabby Chic and Fantastique

This 75-year old piece is a perfect example of why Novo Decor exists; to re-imagine and re-furbish a piece of furniture that holds meaning to its owner, so that it may live on and be enjoyed for years to come!  See the full post and reveal here: Shabby Chic kitchenette; Reveal Time

Use of color and pattern is a common scene at Novo Decor! Fun prints and fabrics are great for lining drawers, backing bookshelves, and re-upholstering benches, and chairs! I have even been known to use fabric on walls.....when making galleries.   See this tutorial on how to re-upholster benches:  Re-upholstering benches made easy 

Home decor and accessories communicate who we are in so many ways!  This wooden elephant was a thrift store find that I couldn't pass up.  I love mixing natural materials like wood, with texture and color found in a stack of books.  Try something unexpected and whimsical in your home in 2017!  Have fun with it. 

Color is well-loved here, but, I also adore neutrals.  In the photo below, the combination of wood (mirror), bling (vase), and texture (floral arrangement) work together to create visual appeal and depth. 

This stool belonged to my Grandpa, after he used it for many years in the pattern shop where he worked.  When the company shut its doors, he took the stool with him.  Today it lives at my sister's house, where it sports a fresh layer of paint, and new stain.  For fun, I like to add little "surprises" to the gold flower......See the reveal here:  Small furniture make-over: Easy steps to a simple, timeless look

Prying open a new can of paint is always fun.  It's the little things.  

Glass hardware is a favorite of mine.  Simply changing your hardware can help you like your furniture more. Really!  Try it in 2017.   Need a bigger change?   Place glass hardware on a freshly painted piece and you might just love your furniture! 

Recognize that lime green hutch?  I know it will end up where it is meant to.  In the meantime, it is a dynamite statement piece in the office.  Lol.  See the blog post illustrating the many uses of a hutch here:  Lime green Hutch: A statement piece with 10 uses

I love transforming furniture, and home interiors, but I love my kids more!  This picture was taken on a summer day shortly after I stopped everything I was doing, and took the kids to the beach.

In 2017, I will strive to recognize and give praise for every precious moment with them, WHILE the moment is actually happening! This was the most important realization for me in 2016; to be more present. (I also learned that spontaneous activities with my kids helped cultivate my creativity!) A win-win. 

Wood projects....are by no means an area of least projects from scratch!  I did, however, make my very first wood cut using electrical equipment in 2016!  This picture shows a giant rustic wood letter I made for my son's room.  You can see that tutorial here:  Giant Rustic Letters for you wall

Often when planning and preparing a project, my office looks like the picture below. This project entailed designing and creating a gallery wall for a customer, who wanted a family photo collection as a focal point in her home.  The problem was she didn't know where to begin, nor did she have the time to tackle it. 

Re-creating an empty wall space into something pretty is a favorite of mine.  Creating a space that holds value and meaning to a icing on the cake.  You can see the full blog post and reveal of this project here:  Gallery wall reveal

Lastly, the picture below was an attempt at sharing humor.  (I guess it was the mood i was in at the time!)  In 2016 I've had my fair share of hardships and challenges, just as you may have had. But one thing is for sure; without a sense of humor my entrepreneurial endeavor would look quite different.   While there is certainly a time for seriousness, having a light heart-ed approach and finding humor in mistakes, lessons learned, triumphs, and joys, is an important gift. 

Paint brush remote....

In summary, 2016 was a memorable year full of new challenges, discoveries, and relationships.  I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to use my God-given talents to help others in creative ways.  Re-imagining and re-creating furniture, accessories, and living spaces brings me great joy, but it's seeing the excitement, happiness, and inspiration that my work brings to my customers, that is the ultimate reward.

Here's to a new year of inspiration and finding your own personal home style!  From small furniture re-do's to entire room make-overs, Novo Decor continues to share your stories in 2017.......let's do this! 

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I wish you the very best in 2017!  


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