3 Decorating Myths Debunked

I wrote this original post in early January to kick off the new year, and today, I'm re-posting it!   Don't succumb to the myths....learn them.......AND see them get DEBUNKED right here, right now!   

Join me....as I debunk them one by one!! Woop! 

Myth #1:  "If I do it myself, I"ll save money"

Decorating a room to completion does NOT have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, some of the most beautiful rooms I've seen, were completed on a very reasonable budget (but you'd never know it!).  The thing is, these rooms were done by a professional.   
A decorating professional knows the ins and outs of putting together a room.  Everything from where to find pieces, to color combinations, and achieving a certain style....all the elements work together, and follow a specific plan.   An all too common roadblock to starting a room, (and finishing it) is the lack of know-how for pulling together these critical elements.   What happens then? 

Cost INCREASES.   Cost increases because the "parts" are being purchased without an established plan.  The result is "impulse" purchases.  And these add up, my friends!   The home owner isn't satisfied, because the room never seems to get done. And now, money has been spent.....more than expected.  
PROBLEM with "Doing it myself":  Budget is exceeded  The desired outcome isn't achieved.   

SOLUTION:  Hire a professional

OUTCOME:  A room that is pulled together and DONE!   The amount spent hiring a professional WILL remain within the budget set from the very beginning of the project.  No surprises!  

Myth #1   "If I do it myself, I'll save money"    ..................................DEBUNKED

Myth #2:  "Decorating professionals have specific styles.  If I hire a professional, he/she will create a room that isn't consistent with my own personal style/or my family's lifestyle." 

Re-creating spaces that are consistent with a home-owner's style is what makes a decorating professional, a professional.  Professionals know what makes up a particular style. They also have knowledge of how to create a particular style.  Working with a professional ensures that a home-owner gets what they want.  No hassles.  No headaches.  No guesswork.  

PROBLEM with "they won't do it in my style":   This is simply false!  Professionals make every effort to achieve the look the customer wants and loves.  Believing this myth won't get the job done. 

SOLUTION:  Hire a professional

OUTCOME: A completed room that is consistent with the home-owner's style

Myth #2:  Decorating professionals have specific styles. If I hire a professional, he/she will create a room that isn't consistent with my own personal style/or my family's style."    ............................. DEBUNKED. 

Myth #3: "It's too costly to hire someone"

This myth is relative.  Cost depends on many factors like the........  

  • Home-owner's goals or needs for a space
  • Desired style
  • Size of the space
  • necessary elements to achieve the desired look

Additionally, we're back to myth #1.  Not only does hiring a professional save money....it saves time and hassles.   A professional will plan a space according to the home-owner's budget, and will adhere to that budget.   

PROBLEM with "it's too costly to hire someone":  Impulse buys, exceeding budget, time suck, hassles, unfinished room. 

SOLUTION:  Hire a professional

OUTCOME: A room completed within a set budget.  The room is done, and done well.  That simple. 

Myth #3: "It's too costly to hire someone"........................................ DEBUNKED


Hiring a professional to help you decorate your home is cost effective and smart.  Not only will it save a home-owner money in the end, it will save time, hassles, and the guesswork involved with FINISHING that room!  

Here's to finishing that room, and finishing it RIGHT.