3 actionable decorating ideas for your post-holiday home

I'm back on the blog this week, sharing 3 easy decorating ideas for that post-holiday "bareness" syndrome.  The "bareness" syndrome is when you put away all the Christmas decorations and your house suddenly seems kind of.......bare.   

While it is SO tempting for me to go out and see what fresh new things are in the stores, I resist, and use what I've already got.  This is something I've become highly skilled at!!  Let's get started.....

1.   Holiday Card Hanger?  Not anymore! 

cards before.jpg

If you hang/display your holiday cards, don't put your "card hanger" away now that the holidays are over!  Keep it out, and remove those holiday cards! 

Now you've got tons of space to hang anything you want.  Here are some ideas: 

  • Family pictures
  • Favorite quotes, sayings, or Bible verses
  • Reminder notes
  • Your kids' art work/homework


cards after.jpg


2.  Create a gallery wall

Did you know that creating gallery walls is easier that you think?  I've got some great tips for how to plan/hang yours without even measuring. Yep!  You can see that at this link below: 

My fool proof, no-measure method for hanging a gallery wall

Those walls seem a little empty once the Christmas tree is down (especially if you removed any items hanging on the wall near your tree). My gallery wall hanging method is honestly so simple, that you may become addicted to making these types of walls.   

Collect all those pictures you haven't hung up (yet).  Now, arrange them together.  They don't have to match. That's what makes gallery walls GREAT. 

In 2018, we're getting those pictures hung.  Pictures of all types allow you, a home-owner, to show your personality, your style, and your life story!   Display them like they deserve to be displayed....and totally fall in LOVE with your new wall.  

close up gallery.jpg
layout plan.jpg
Photo May 27, 1 46 34 PM.jpg

3.  Remove the "holiday" touches, and leave the rest

Have a large hutch or cabinet?  I bet you put some lovely Christmas greenery and lights up there for the holidays.  I did!    You might not have to take down everything up there...unless you filled the space with Santas and reindeer. 

This past holiday season I put a collection of wine bottles (empty, of course) on top of our tall hutch.  Then I put some greenery around it for a nice holiday touch.   All I had to do post-holiday, is remove the greenery.  Easy peazy. 

wine bottles.jpg

I rather like the bottles for now.....so we're keeping it simple and leaving them up there! 

Horrible picture quality......sorry!    You get the idea though...you can see the bottles on top of this piece.  

Horrible picture quality......sorry!    You get the idea though...you can see the bottles on top of this piece.  

And there you have it.  Three simple ways to fill the "bareness" of your post-holiday home. Don't let the post holiday blues (and bare house) get you down! Experiment with the things you already have, and see what happens!     I would bet money your house will look, and feel, refreshed! 

Need serious help doing this?   Let's connect!!!!!  I have solutions. 


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