7 Ways to Personalize your Home: Think Outside the Box

When it comes to my business, I want to to inspire, and be inspired.  I realize not everyone shares my passion for design and decorating.  But I like to believe that many of us want a space we enjoy being in.  This post is about just that; enjoying your living space by making it your "own".  

Like a bear prepares her den for the winter slumber, so do we prepare our homes for living. We have a connection to our "homes".   Think about the day you walked through your home for the first time.  If you viewed a variety of homes, you might remember the feeling you had when you saw YOURS....or the home that was "the one".  Or maybe that wasn't your experience.  Sometimes we have to look beyond what meets the eye....and imagine ourselves there....making it a space that we can call our own.   Whether you are in your first, second, fourth home, or have yet to find "the one"... the place we live tells our story.  So how do we "build" our home into a place that represents us?  We DECORATE!   By the end of this post, I dare you to "think outside the box" with your decorating.... 

Start with your storage area.  If you label,  yeah for you!  This process shouldn't be too grueling.  If not, this process might be a little more time consuming, but I strongly encourage you to give it a go....because that 13th box just might have a key piece for your home!  It can be difficult to see the potential in items that are packed away in boxes.  For this task try to look "outside the box" and look beyond an object's traditional usage.  Items that  hold meaning to us can be used in non-traditional ways.  They can also help tell our story in the way we accessorize a room.  And, using what you already have is a low-cost, convenient way to change up your space!  So let's look inside those boxes....and start thinking "outside the box" with our decor...

Here are 7 things that can personalize your living space and tell your story:  

1.  Photos:   Remove your favorite photos from those albums! No one sees those pictures when they are stored in an album!   Display your photographs in frames of different sizes/shapes.   That is another item you can search for while your'e at it; picture frames!  Remove old photos in your frames and replace them with photos that are "display-worthy".   

2.  Books:  If you've saved old books, get them out and display them!  Books not only serve as decor, but they are a creative way to display your decor.  They can be used to vary the heights of your decor, creating a more interesting display.   Or, simply stack them on your coffee table or in your bookcase.   Loading a bookcase full of books creates visual interest, and there is something so appealing about a collection of colorful books and different prints.  Books can tell a lot about you and where your interests lie.   Tip:  Hard cover books are the best for stacking and displaying items.  Many hard-cover books come with those glossy paper "sleeves". I usually remove those.    The original book cover is nicer!   

3. Family Heirlooms:  Do you have any pieces passed down form your family? Are they hiding in boxes? Get them out!  Sometimes we think "fancy" pieces have no purpose or we're afraid we'll break them so we pack them away.  They sit for years, packed away, and forgotten!  Don't hide them.  They want attention.  And your home is where they'll get it!   It truly is a nice feeling to see something that means so much, on a daily basis.    

4.  Seasonal Decor:  Can you use some of your seasonal/holiday decor during "non-holiday" times?   The next time you pack up those holiday boxes, take a look and see what items could be used year-round.  You might be surprised.  Over the years I've taken out platters, candle holders, and even table linens from the holiday boxes,  and use them during other times of the year.  Note: Tip doesn't apply to "Elf on the Shelf".  Lol.  

5.  Blankets or linens:  I had a very exciting discovery a while back when I found an old throw blanket that was owned by my husband's grand-mother.  It was a patchwork quilt that although was pretty fragile and in rough shape, I was able to use it by displaying it on a shelf. Blankets look great placed in woven or wire baskets for display.  They add so much warmth, texture, and character!  Displaying them in non-traditional ways as wall hangings, or in frames is also a unique way to show them off.  By the way I love the frame idea....that might have to be a tutorial at some point in 2016.....stay tuned! 

6.  Un-opened gifts:  Have you ever received a gift and weren't sure what to do with it, or how to display it?   Let's talk examples.   You receive a beautiful ceramic, hand-made wine bottle holder, but it's very likely you won't be carrying your bottle of wine to a party in that heavy things, but wait... why not use it as a vase?  Another example:  You have this awesome platter that you've never used for food.  It's likely you won't be carrying your cheese and cracker appetizer to your neighbor's house on a 10 pound sterling silver platter,  but you sure could display it!   How to display a huge platter?  Plate stands.  Sometimes old gifts lose their appeal, and that is why they go un-used.   Tastes change. Styles change.  No worries...I've got you covered.  I'm your go-to resource in home decor "transformations". Let's talk about the possibilities!  

7.   Old Sports Equipment:  This is a fun one.  OK. So you might not be hanging old snow shoes in your dining room where you eat, however, snow shoes could certainly pass in a game room, kids' play room, or den/TV room!!!   Am I right?  Recently on the blog, I posted about using old tennis racquets as wall art.  I actually hung them in our boys' bathroom!  If you missed that post, click on this link:  Bathroom Makeover   Go ahead and dig out that old sports "stuff".  How can you display it somewhere unexpected?  Don't be afraid to be playful with your decor!  (Did I just say that?)     

Whether you are newly moved in, planning a room "make-over", or in need of a little change, take a look in those boxes to see what you already have.  You've got to look inside the box in order to "think outside the box"!  You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.  Then, think about how you can display those items uniquely in your home.  Have fun telling your story!  

If you "think outside the box" with your decorating,  now's your chance to show us!   I'd love to see how you've made your space your own.   Simply post your photos to Novo Decor facebook page at this link:  www.facebook.com/novodecorco


Coming up......what do you think of when you see my logo?  Learn the story behind my business name and logo!   I look forward to sharing that with you!   Until next time, may you think outside the box in your decorating endeavors....

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