Custom baby-changing station: Give me Accessories (and function!)

Hello!  Novo Decor is kicking off the 2017 blog with today's post about an amazing transformation and re-imagined piece of furniture.  Not only will you see the finished product (once again....I've posted this piece before, see that post here:  Baby Changing Station), but you will also see it NOW....after being used and accessorized.  

In June, I re-created a large armoire into a fresh new shabby chic baby-changing station for some new parents-to-be, (and neighbors, and former co -worker!)  Their beautiful baby girl, Maya, was born in October 2016. Since then they've had a chance (many chances, can you say DIAPERS?) to try out their new piece. 

Maya's mom, Brooke, enjoys decorating and she does an amazing job.  Her color scheme throughout the house is fresh and fun. The baby room is no exception.  With its neutrals walls, flooring, and furniture, the room is light and classically simple; providing a great backdrop for some fun accessories!   Here is what the armoire looked like the day it was delivered back in June: 

Using an old piece of furniture and re-creating it to serve another purpose is just plain genius. It can seem daunting to stare at an old, dated piece of furniture and re-imagine something beautiful.  But Brooke and Joe knew what they wanted, and together we shared examples and designs leading us to a successful end result.  

Ok, It's time to see this baby accessorized....the most fun part of it all! 

Because I love decor and accessories, I couldn't resist taking pictures of other areas of the room....

More cute wall decor....

And that is the story of how a really unattractive TV armoire became a beautiful and highly functional piece of furniture that will be used for years to come.  I also painted the doors for Brooke and Joe, in case they decide to re-attach them some day.  Until then, the giant changing station will remain as it is, feeling loved, once again.  

Do you have an old obnoxious piece of furniture that could use some TLC?  Think outside the box with ways to re-create, and re-imagine it, in your home!  

Wondering what to do with your huge obnoxious piece?  Post a picture of it to Novo Decor Facebook and I"ll shoot back some ideas for you!    

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