Anatomy of Novo Decor: Part Four - Room re-design and styling

Welcome! Today is the finale of the "Anatomy of Novo Decor" series; a series about my creative decorating services.  Hopefully this series has achieved its objective, and you know a bit more about my services.  

Though the paintbrush is  a tool I use most often, pulling all the pieces together to re-create a room is another component to my services.   Last week part 3 covered one of my most popular services; painted furniture!  Today, I'm wrapping up the series with my room re-design and styling service.

My room packages are designed for people who: 

  • Want to freshen up their home interior; from a single room, to several rooms, or just a portion of a room
  • Don't have the time or "know-how" to plan and execute a room make-over
  • Need support getting started (choosing colors, accessories, room lay-out, etc.)
  • Appreciate a home interior that reflects their personal style in uniquely artistic ways

A room package may include: 

  • Refurbishing the customer's existing furniture  (see Part Three)
  • Adding new accessories and decor to the room (window panels, throw pillows, wall art, and table accents). Area rugs and soft wired lighting (plug-in lamps) may be added. 
  • Adding furniture pieces. (finished or unfinished pieces refurbished specifically for the "new" room, or space)
BEFORE.  This table was the perfect size to fill an empty space in a kitchen, but the hunter green wasn't working.  Painting the table white was a simple solution. 

BEFORE.  This table was the perfect size to fill an empty space in a kitchen, but the hunter green wasn't working.  Painting the table white was a simple solution. 

A room package may also include......

  • Refurbishing/updating the customer's existing decor (see parts 1 and part 2 for more on this!) 
  • Using the customer's existing decor and accessories, as is
  • Mixing the old and new for a fresh new look
  • Sourcing guide for decor/accessories, and furniture
  • Changing room lay-out, furniture placement
MIx the old with the new, to create a "collected" and eclectic living space

MIx the old with the new, to create a "collected" and eclectic living space

See the full blog post about the photos below (Home office refresh) at this link:  Home Office Refresh

A room package does not include: 

  • Hard wired lighting or installment of hard wired lighting
  • Flooring (tiling, hardwood, or carpet)
  • Built-ins, or carpentry work 
  • Large upholstered pieces such as sofas, recliners/chairs, or love seats
  • Wall painting

How might a room re-design and style look? 

Below is a before/after of a kitchen re-design and style.  To see the full blog post about that process, and how the space came to life, go to this link:  Drab to Fab Kitchen 

Lastly, the initial planning and inspirational phase is equally important as how we achieve the outcome!  PInterest has proven to be useful in the beginning stages of a room re-design and style......

Pinterest:  A Valuable Tool 

Being inspired is a key component when making a visual or aesthetic change in the home, particularly when it involves a room make-over.  With today's social networking, many of us turn to Pinterest for inspiration on that next project, right?  I use Pinterest regularly with my customers, for a variety of projects.  

My customers love using Pinterest because it's an easy, and convenient way to share images with me that represent their taste, or their desired look.  I love it because I can pin images to our "shared" (private) board, and ask questions about the images to gain understanding of what they want. Sometimes customers don't know what they want, and in those cases, I create a Pinterest board based on our initial meeting, and encourage them to pin to the board as well. Our shared boards are private, so no one else can see our board, or what we pin to it.  

In any case, using a shared Pinterest board with my customers ensures that we are on the same page, even before the project begins.  This provides a convenient, and enjoyable customer experience overall. 

So what does a customer board look like? 

See the link below for an example.

Whether you're not sure of your style, don't know what you want, or know exactly what you want, using Pinterest can help you discover, support, communicate, or solidify your ideas.  It also helps you to visualize your "new" space. 

Are you on Pinterest?  Find me on Pinterest, and choose one of my board to follow, or two or three! All images on my website/blog are pin-able as well!  Feel free to pin away, all I ask is that you source my website, or business name!

And there you have it; a taste of my room design and styling services, from what the service includes (or doesn't include), and the process of working together in the development of a plan customized to each and every customer.   In conclusion......

Re-creating a space using what already exists, adding furniture and accessories, and achieving this by painting, modifying, or seeking out these key components is at the heart of Novo Decor.  It's about looking outside the box, feeling inspired to reach beyond your comfort zone, seeing the potential in your home, and re-creating what you already have, for a fresh new look that communicates YOUR style!  

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