Anatomy of Novo Decor: Part One

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Anatomy of Novo Decor, a mini series about the services I provide.  You might be surprised to learn that my creative home decorating services go beyond the paintbrush.  While painting furniture is my "specialty", it is one aspect of my creative decorating business as a whole.  

Today's post is part one of a 4-part series that will expand your knowledge of what my services are, give you a glimpse of what my process is like, and how I uniquely serve my customers and the variety of their home interior needs.    Each "part" to this series will focus on a different aspect of home decorating. 

Let's jump in to part one, shall we??

Anatomy of Novo Decor: Part One   

Designing, creating, and accessorizing walls

This is one of my favorite areas of home decorating; creating a wall that provides a focal point for a room, or using walls to showcase the home-owner's personality and style.  Here is a great example:

Brenda wanted to create a family photo collection on her wall....forever!  She had though about for some time, but could never seem to get to the project.  She was hesitant about taking th job on, because she wasn't sure where or how to begin.  How many photos? What type of frames? Similar frames? Different frames? What sizes?   

She also knew her time would be limited with an upcoming school year around the corner (Brenda is a teacher), and then....she saw a post of mine on Facebook.....

Seeing my post prompted her to inquire about my services.  She wondered if completing her gallery wall was a service I could provide for her, so she contacted me.  During a home consultation several days later Brenda showed me her empty wall space, and told me about her goal for the wall. We discussed sizing, how many pictures, types of photos, etc.  

Based on our discussion and seeing Brenda's home, I chose frames, customized some of them, and determined an arrangement that would best fit her style.  All she had to do was provide her family photos in the designated sizes we discussed. 

Then a lay-out for her gallery was planned based on wall measurements, and the number of photos/size of gallery desired: 

Lastly, the pictures were places in the frames, and the entire collection was hung for the customer: 

Another example of accessorizing a wall unique to each situation is creating a single centerpiece for any wall space, big or small.  Wall space can be intimidating, and there are many possibilities for accessorizing a wall.  From galleries (like you saw in the first example), to single large pieces, how we "dress" up our walls can (and should!) tell a bit about ourselves, while showcasing our own personal style.  

Below, the canvas on the wall was custom painted to match the color scheme in the room.  This wall space wasn't big enough for a really large accessory, but this smaller hand-painted canvas fills the space well.  

The sunburst mirror below was custom made to meet the needs of this particular room.  It needed to be big, and it needed to be navy!  I don't think I could have found a navy sunburst mirror, in this same style and size, in any store, even if I tried!  This same mirror actually ended up in a customer's living room!  It was time I parted with it and share the joy of seeing it everyday.  Lol.  

When it comes to walls, I really love the challenge of finding (or making) unique pieces to meet the specific needs of my customers.  If there is wall space, there is potential for an amazing feature.  Being inspired and pulling in a variety of elements, colors, and designs we enjoy, are all ways to "dress" up those walls and embody who we are!   

The last example for today's is this large canvas that was "rescued" from a thrift shop and turned into a bright, and bold wall accessory: 

This wall accessory came to fruition as part of a full room re-fresh, for a home-owner who is definitely not afraid of color.  (a post about Room Refreshes is coming up in this series!) A very large empty wall faced their living room, the same room I had just completely accessorized and styled.  The empty wall needed something in order to visually balance the space.  The bold pops of color were pulled in from the adjacent room, which completed the desired look. 

We spend plenty of time in our homes, where we're surrounded by walls.  Why not create a wall you are in love with? Like Brenda said upon seeing her gallery wall of family photos today's first example).... 

"Words cannot express how much I love my wall. I can't stop looking at it. Thank you!" 

And that, my friends, is the joy I hope you find in your home!  Whether you are showcasing a simple accessory, or a collection of memories, use your home to communicate as much about your life (and your style!) as you can!

You might have many homes in your lifetime, but you only get one life. Use your walls as your canvas and tell your story! 

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