Anatomy of Novo Decor-Part Two: Re-creating decor for a fresh new look

It's time for part two of Anatomy of Novo Decor, a series about my creative home decorating services.  In this series you'll learn about what types of customer needs I serve, and get a glimpse into my process.  If you missed Part one, you can see it at this link: Anatomy of Novo Decor: Accessorizing walls.  

Last week I talked about accessorizing walls, while illustrating solutions and a variety of wall decor created through custom order.   Today, I'm sharing another trick in my bag that is uniquely Novo Decor: 

Re-creating & customizing existing home decor 

This is, largely, the basis for Novo Decor Co.  By re-creating the old into something fresh, fresh, and empowering the home owner to see the potential in his/her furniture and decor, the home owner's personality is showcased using existing decor. 

How do I do this?  

The concept of using what one already owns seems simple, but the challenge of knowing what changes to make, how to make them, and how to pull it all together for a cohesive look is very real!  I've talked to many who struggle with seeing the "big" picture, and pulling the pieces together in order to get there.   When we've looked at our "stuff" for awhile, we get accustomed to it, and often we don't see it any other way.  I totally get it.  Here's the "how": 

1.  Making custom changes to existing decor.  A custom change might be as simple as replacing photos in  frames, or, painting an assortment of frames, vases, to achieve the desire new look.   See how I've turned old, tired decor into awesome, fresh new decor at this link:  "Try these 3 simple updates to your thrift store finds").  There you'll see the transformation of 3 "not so pretty"" home decor items; from old and dated, to fresh and fun. 

2.  Adding new items to a room or space.  A Novo Decor "Room Refresh" is not exclusive to "old" accessories!  Incorporating new pieces can turn a room from good to great; creating a "collected" and eclectic look that is unique to each home-owner.  

3.  Using accessories (and re-creating them if needed) from other areas of the home to use in the targeted room or space. 

Who do I do this for?

1. The individuals who recognizes the need for, and desires change, in the home interior; from a single room, portion of a room, to several rooms.  

2.  The individual who appreciates creatively artistic solutions to meet his/her home decorating needs or goals.

3.  The individual who appreciates and desires an attractive home interior, but struggles to achieve the look he/she wants.  Lack of time and/or desire to tackle the project is also a factor. 

4. The individual who may not know the "look" they want in their home, but would like support in developing ideas, and pulling it all together. 

Old Decor to New Decor....and happy customers

Any, and I mean ANY, home accessory can be transformed in order to create a fresh new look in the home.  This is what I do best!  When I'm helping a customer determine which of their existing decor can be used in their "new" room, I formulate a vision for what that decor could be, and how it will be utilized in the "new" space. 

No matter what their "stuff" looked like before, customers love seeing the changes, and how their items are used in new or different ways. Re-locating items from other areas of the home, to the targeted room/space also enhances the "new" room in ways never visualized, or thought possible! Pulling the odds and ends together is at the heart of Novo Decor. 

Let's take a look at some examples.....

There were four pictures like the one below, each a different high heel style.  (that's a lot of high heels!).  I love a classy pair of heels, but I prefer them on feet!  These frames were in great shape, but were dated.  The matting inside the frame was also old-ish looking:                                  

These frames (with matting, love when old frames have matting!), proved to be a perfect accessory for this space....

Here they are now: 

White paint (spray paint!) on both the frames and matting created a totally fresh, new look.   Fun scrap book paper was placed behind the matting for pops of color and pattern. Big change; very simple.  So long high heels!

More Examples....

Changes can be made to almost any home accessory using a variety of techniques and "tricks". If existing decor isn't compatible with the desired new look, then you can bet I am making plans for its transformation! 

The wall pieces below were in need of a new look that was consistent with the home owner's new room.  We lightened up the room from dark accents like black, to accents containing the room's new color scheme:

And that is a taste of how using existing home decor and accessories can change an entire room!   Getting bored with your decor and accessories happens; similar to how we feel when we look in our closet and we don't like anything we see.  But, the good news is....there are simple solutions! 

The next time an accessory "bugs" you, or just doesn't work with a room, think about why that is.  Is  it the color? The style? Could it be used in other ways?  Has your style changed and no longer works in your home?  Be assured that any decor is fair game for a change....and has the power to literally change a room.  

Expand on the possibilities that exist, and a whole new world of decorating will open up to you! 

Stay tuned for Anatomy of Novo Decor: Part Three....coming next week!  Learn more about my creative particular one of my most popular services:  PAINTED FURNITURE!   

Until next time.....

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