Bar cart: simple update; big result

Bar carts! They are great pieces to have around the house.  Today's post features an antique bar cart that has received paint and personality.  Tiffany, its owner, recognized the potential of the piece, and contacted me with her ideas.  

 Bar carts are "hot" accessories for the home.  They are all over the stores......

They are even better when styled: 

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Apartment Therapy

Use a cart for a fun (and mobile!) coffee bar

Use a cart for a fun (and mobile!) coffee bar

These carts are mobile, and versatile, allowing them to serve countless purposes (not just for "bar" related items as the name implies).  They are highly functional....and pretty. 

Tiffany's bar cart has character, and is wood, making it a perfect paint! 

Tiffany's Request

Tiffany requested a neutral gray/"gray" wash effect.  I chose a warm gray hue consistent with her warm color palate preference.  Why a "warm gray"? Tiffany mentioned she didn't want it "too silvery shiny". To me, "silvery shiny" implies cool tones, so I went with warm.  

I first painted the tray that goes inside the cart, then I sent Tiffany a picture of it in order to gt her feedback on the look: 

Tiffany preferred a more subtle effect then what this picture shows (less white brush strokes). Perfect.  Easy fix.  We also agreed that a distressed finish would show the original dark wood underneath beautifully. The plan was solidified. It was time to get to work. 

Here is the bar cart BEFORE:

Drab cart to fab cart

Tiffany recognized the potential in this bar cart, which is important when deciding to paint a piece of furniture.  Equally important is consideration of two other things:

1.  Good bones (is a piece sturdy, able to with hold a make-over?)

2. Functionality (What purpose can a piece serve, can it be used in non-traditional ways?) 

Good bones and functionality are two excellent qualities that make a piece of furniture make-over worthy!   This cart definitely fits the bill.   

Finishing touches to come this week....with REVEAL to follow. Stay tuned! 

Do you have an old piece of furniture that meets these guidelines?  Take a look at what you have.....I would venture to guess that there is potential in at least one piece of furniture you own!!!

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