5 Simple Steps to a Bathroom Make-Over

Do you have a bathroom that needs a little sprucing up?  Maybe it's a guest bathroom that doesn't get a lot of traffic.  Or, maybe it's your kids' bathroom....which lacks color and fun. Bathrooms aren't the first thing we see when we enter a home, however, think about the time spent in them! We might as well create a bathroom that's pretty to look at, right? 

Today I'm going to share how I "re-vamped" our kids' bathroom without spending a ton of money.  To do this, I focused on 5 simple steps.   Here they are:  

1.  A Good Cleaning:  Simply cleaning a bathroom can make it seem "new".  Isn't it great to have a good smelling, sparkling clean bathroom?  This is how I start any room make-over, especially the bathrooms!  

2.  Paint:  Not sure about the wall color?   Consider painting.  Little fingers and hands make walls so dirty, especially around doorways and corners!   Wipe down the dirt, and haul out the paint. Our bathroom was a "beige/khaki" color before.  The khaki wasn't my favorite, especially since The tile and the vanity are also in the "beige" family  Too much "beige" for one little room.  Here is a picture of it before: 

I decided to paint the walls white to brighten up the room.  I primed them first and used a satin finish for easy cleaning.  Two layers of paint later I had a fresh new white bathroom.   See below!

Now it's time to think decor and color.   I wanted one bold accent color, and two supporting colors.  This is a small bathroom and though I wanted color, I didn't want to go overboard. Plus, I really love the white and appreciate a simple white, clean aesthetic.  

3.  Shower Curtain/Rugs:  A new shower curtain and rugs can brighten up a bathroom in a hurry.  I took advantage of Christmas sales and found these items 50% off.   Clearance sections are great places to find curtains and rugs at low cost, and if you're lucky, you can score matching pieces!   I found a white and charcoal gray striped shower curtain, and coordinating charcoal gray rugs.   I stuck with a darker rug color, because when you have three boys who tend to be dirt magnets, you just do that.  

4.  Window Treatments: Find a fun and bold window treatment for your bathroom window.  Color and warmth can easily be incorporated this way.  I usually stay away from long panels on bathroom windows.  Additionally, I love all the light this large window provides in our bathroom, so a short valance is perfect.  I found this adorable IKEA window valance at Bethesda Thrift Shop. Since i'm not a sewer this was a win-win; a fabric I loved and a panel already sown for me.  All I needed was a window rod.  I had extras (of course I did!). It fit perfectly into the valance loop.  And that was it.  I hung that baby in no time using simple screw-in wall hooks on each corner above the window.    Now I have my bold accent color!  When I bought it it looked orange, but now that it's hung, it appears more of a red hue.  I still love it though!  Tip:  hang your window rod higher than the window height.  It makes the room look larger, and allows  more light in. 

5.  Decor:   Since bathrooms are typically small in size, it is important to choose your type and amount of decor wisely.  Too much decor can overload the space, but not enough decor and the space looks and feels stark.  I appreciate minimalism in bathrooms (in any room!), but, I believe incorporating some decor is necessary. For this bathroom I chose several types of decor:  1.  Functional pieces for storage and displaying decor 2.  Simple wall art (quotes), and    3.  Unique wall art that packs a punch and makes a statement!   Here are the items I collected:

With 9-foot ceilings in this bathroom, I wanted to capitalize on that height by adding wall decor of varying heights.  I did this by hanging a shelf above the toilet, and then placing tall decor on top of it.  See picture below: 

And then came the tennis racquets.  I am obsessed with them for so many reasons.  They are colorful. They are naturally "distressed" wood and I LOVE distressed wood, and they add texture to any room. I love the wood rims on these racquets.  If you missed my post earlier this week on using tennis raquets as wall decor, clink on this link:  Thrift Tip #1: Tennis Racquets.  

Since I love the natural wood on the racquets, I added other pieces to further pull in the wood aesthetic. A basket (clothes hamper), a wood rimmed toothbrush holder, and wood framed art containing a quote fitting for a boys' bathroom:  "Boy, n. :  a noise with dirt on it".   I saw this saying years ago and always loved it, so I typed it on plain white paper and framed it.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

Except for the shower curtain and rugs, the decor I used for this bathroom make-over were thrifted items.  Total cost of this decor (when thrifted!):  $18.95.  A couple items I made, and the shelf I painted.  

Here is the breakdown of this project, including supplies and cost of each:

Paint: $0 (already had this!)  Pricing per gallon: typically $30-50

Window valance: $3.99 (saved $10-20)

Window rod/hardware: $0 (already had it)

Rugs: $15 a piece x2 = $30 (saved $30 after sale)

Shower curtain: $20  (saved $20 after sale)

Decor:  $18.95 (I had all these items already, I had these items already)

If you purchased all new items for this project, total cost could potentially be $245, and that is estimating the paint at the lowest price range of $30!   I paid $38.99.  Your cost will vary depending on items you already have that can be used!  Maybe you have bath rugs and a shower curtain stashed away in your linen closet, or in your other bathroom?  Sometimes just making a switch can "renew" your space.  Think outside the box and find ways to use what you already have for your "new" bathroom!  Remember, you don't need NEW items to transform a room and make an impact! 

And there you have it.  Some simple additions at minimal cost.  The result: A more interesting (and cute) bathroom!  

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Coming up....update on the mid-century modern hutch. If you weighed in on suggestions for paint color for this piece thank you so much! It was fun reading all your comments.   Stay tuned....