Reveal Time! How I turned Antique Bed Frames into Benches

It has arrived...the day when I can say I built something out of wood, that can actually be sat upon! I did not complete the job without some help though.  My husband Karl was a gem with his drill and saw, and helped my vision become reality.   The result?  A set of great benches that the owner (Tiffany) will enjoy for years to come!   And the best part is that the benches are made of antique bed frames once owned by Tiffany's grand mother.  It doesn't get much better than that! .  

To see the previous post about the actual process involved in preparing for and constructing the benches, click HERE

Today's post is all about the finished product.....I won't post photos of what our garage has looked like over the last several could very possibly pass as a haunted workshop (great timing).   But the good news is the benches are DONE (and looking pretty nice!).  And we can finally park BOTH our cars in the garage at the same time.  Lol.  

A couple photos of the building process...

First we had to build the seat part for each bench.  We did this using 1x6 boards that we measured and cut for the frame and supporting "beams". You can see the seat part/frame above on the right.    Once the frames were constructed, we measured for height, and screwed in the legs.  We pulled apart an old chair and used its four legs for our two benches.  

It was a big success!  Once the legs were screwed on, we attached the whole frame to the head/footboards:   

After filling and sanding holes, the "aquamarine" paint make its appearance.  Painting stained wood; painting ANY wood just fun.  

And now, for the final REVEAL: 


Bench #2.....

I am happy about how these benches turned out!  I would love a bench like these of my own... and so my hunt for bed frames will ensue.  Maybe I will save that for next fall....

And that is my first major building job (at least I think it's major building!).  A goal of mine is to improve my carpentry skills so I will not require the assistance of my husband.  Although I've got to say, we had a good time working on this project together.  Hugs and "thanks" to you Karl. 

Have you ever considered building or re-purposing something?   Do you have some great "old" things lying around in your basement or garage that could be turned into other useful pieces?   Send me a photo of your project, or post it to the Novo Decor Co. facebook page! 

Be sure to check in this week for  a little live-streaming action (if I don't experience technical difficulty....which is likely for me. Lol).   I've recently learned about a new (and free!) app that allows you to live-stream anytime, anywhere.  I think it will be an invaluable asset to communicating my mission!     The app is called Periscope.   Check it out!  

Enjoy your week!