Black Distressed Dresser Set: Reveal Time

Hello and welcome!  This is my blog; a place where you will often find painting tips and tricks, decorating inspiration, and stories behind my furniture transformations.  Today's post features a furniture story.  Since Novo Decor Co. opened in May 2015, I have used my blog to share great stories with you about the pieces I paint; because it's so much more than just a piece of furniture and a paintbrush!  It's about the who (you!), the what (furniture), the how (process), and the why (the customer's motivation or reason for the furniture transformation) All of these components make my custom order process so enjoyable, and I love sharing it all with you.  Today's blog post is about a dresser set that Christine wanted re-done for her mother-in-law. 

How the story began

Christine emailed me one day, and asked if I could paint a couple of dressers.  Within a day or two, we had our first phone conversation.  Christine mentioned she found me on Facebook (yeah!), when a friend of hers "shared" another post of mine.  Then, Christine went to the address listed on Novo Decor Co. Facebook page, and ended up in front of my house!  This is because I currently do not have a store front!  Lol.   Though I would have welcomed her had she inquired at my front door, I understand her reluctance to do so.  It just feels more natural to walk in to a store, doesn't it? And when you're expecting a store, and see a house, you probably think you had the wrong address!   So I totally get that.  Store front or not, what mattered was that Christine found me and reached out!  And I'm so glad she did. 

The Dresser Set

Christine sent me pictures of the dressers.  We talked about her color & style preference (light to moderate distressed, painted in black). Christine had already picked out the hardware, and with the black color she requested, I definitely saw the potential for a great pair of dressers!   Here is a picture of what the dressers looked like before:

I started removing drawers before taking the "before" picture, but you get the idea

I started removing drawers before taking the "before" picture, but you get the idea

The Process

For the distressed look Christine wanted, this project required sandpaper and Vaseline (what?). Vaseline is a great way to protect the original wood finish from being sanded off completely, when distressing.  That way the original wood easily shows through to achieve the distressed look.  I used my fingertip and ran the Vaseline along the contours of the drawers.  But I am jumping let's back up.   Repairs.  Minor repairs were done to both pieces. Below is a glimpse of the repair process....

Dents and scratches were fairly easy to remedy with wood filler and sand paper.  I also used wood filler on the drawers, to fill in the outlines left behind from the old hardware.  Sanding and paint helped diminish those old marks. 

Tip: always tape the edges of the drawers, so you don't get paint on the sides of the drawers! Tape anywhere you don't want paint to go! I even tape over the holes inside the drawers (where the hardware screws were), so paint cannot drip through into the drawer while painting the drawer front. 

A few layers of paint and distressing, and the dressers were ready to be waxed.  Below you see they are in the waxing "assembly" line on their way to completion....

The Hardware

Lastly, the hardware is secured and the drawers are ready to be put into the dressers!  The original holes from the previous hardware were larger than the the screws for the new hardware, so I did have to drill smaller holes for the new hardware; a simple fix.  Christine did a great job choosing the hardware.  The pieces remain consistent with the existing aesthetic of the room they will go in (Christine sent me a few pictures of the room) and the home overall.  

And here is what the dressers look like now: 

The "AFTER" 

From a dated dresser with worn hardware, to a fresh new updated piece of furniture, Christine avoided having to go hunting for new dressers!  She saw the potential in this dresser set, and expressed her vision well.  I was confident I could make her vision become a reality. And, as always,  I was happy to do it! 

I delivered the dressers to Christine yesterday.  I WISH I had taken live footage of her reaction. Her gasp of happiness will just have to remain in the memory bank....and that won't be a problem! I won't soon forget how happy she was to see the final product!  And that, is why I love my job. 

With a classic color like black, these pieces won't likely be seeing another paintbrush for quite a while! And if that time comes one day, maybe Christine will find an actual store front complete with the Novo Decor Co. logo!? 

Thank you Christine!  I am thrilled you found Novo Decor Co. and I know your mother-in-law will love them as much as we do! 

And that's a wrap for this fun furniture make-over!  

Do you have an old pair of dressers that could use a new look?   Need help developing ideas of how to transform your old furniture?   Let's brainstorm ideas to get your pieces off on the right foot!  

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