Bookshelf Challenge: I Need You!

Because of my love for bookshelves, their purpose and capabilities, I am creating a fun and interactive bookshelf series!  My goal is to provide you with useful information and ideas to use when styling your bookshelves. For this series to be what I envision, I need you!  I have a few ideas up my sleeve, however, they won't work without your help!   So what are these ideas you ask?  I need volunteers.   Here is what I am looking for: 

1.  One person to volunteer their own bookshelf to be showcased on the blog.  The only requirements are that the person own a bookshelf of medium to large size, and that the person is open to me coming into their home and taking photos of it!  If you happened to see my last bookshelf styling post maybe you've incorporated some of those ideas?  I'd LOVE to see what you've done.  Or maybe you've tried some of your own "tricks" that you really like.  If you missed the bookshelf post, you can find it  HERE

2.  Three to four people to volunteer their time, efforts, and enthusiasm for decorating, by styling MY bookshelves in my home!   Each person will have the opportunity to style an empty bookshelf.  I will provide a variety of decor (of course!).  There will be no time limit.  I will take photos of each styled bookshelf.  I would love to live-stream the experience.  I promise I won't put you on the spot in front of the camera!  This activity is designed to empower and engage you in the learning and implementation of styling methods.  A super quick "tutorial" will be provided following the initial styling process.  Participants will then be asked to style their shelf a second time, putting newly learned methods to use!   

The Bookshelf Challenge:  The Unfolding

I need volunteers early next week (November 9/10)!  If you would like to participate email    I envision this series as a fun way to teach, share, and discover new ideas;  both for myself and you as well!   If the live-stream mention has you feeling anxious or turns you off to participating, I'll get rid of it!    I promise.   No live streams.   

In the following weeks I will be sharing the highlights from these activities on the blog.  You will be seeing a variety of others' styles and tips they learned along the way.   As always I'd love to hear any feedback from you. Feel free to comment or share any of these posts!  

Not sure what bookshelf styling is all about?  See my last post on styling tips here:   Five Simple Solutions for a Bookshelf that Pops

Here's to bookshelf styling!   Contact me!!!