Bookshelf Challenge: See their styles

Hi!  I am nearing the end of the bookshelf series!  I kicked the series off with tips and tricks on how to decorate a bookshelf that pops (5 Simple Methods for a Bookshelf that Pops), then I delved a little deeper with an introduction to the purpose and plan behind the bookshelf challenge (Bookshelf Challenge: I need You!).  You might have also seen my "quiz" post (no grading whatsoever!) where you had to decide which bookshelf was "breaking" the styling "rules", and which one was best (Bookshelf Challenge: Fun Quiz).  I personally loved working on the quiz post as I had multiple opportunities to re-decorate a bookshelf.  If you've been following my blog, you know how much I love bookshelves!  If you know me well, you might not have known the depth of love I have for styling bookshelves.   Now you do!  

During the series I asked for volunteers to allow me to photograph their own bookshelves.  I found a couple of willing volunteers and for that I am thankful!  Thank you Lori and Brooke!  And that is what this post is going to highlight; others' styled shelves.  I hope you enjoy seeing their different styles and maybe even take away a tip or two from today's post!  

The first bookshelf happens to be located in a photography studio, aka Fresh Snapped Photos. If I hadn't been focused only on bookshelves for this series, believe me, I would not have stopped at photographing only the bookshelf.  There are many great little nooks of decor and displays to enjoy in this studio!  Need photos of the kids or the fam?  Stop in!  The decor alone is sure to get you all smiling (even your crying child)! 

Here's a look at the bookshelf:

What I love about this shelf is the fact that there is no backing on it.  I also love all the different sizes and shapes of decor.  There is a pop of color, and there is a mix of metallic (silver and gold).   I am not aware of any "rule" that says you have to stick to either gold or silver.  Why not use both?    And a new tip I can hang decor between shelves.  As you can see in the photos, a mug rack was used (painted a metallic silver), and hung between the top two shelves.  This adds dimension and provides a "frame" for the hanging rack.  The rack is obviously not being used for mugs....but is a way to display smaller photo products.  Love it when things are used in non-traditional ways!

And now for the other bookshelf.....which isn't exactly a bookshelf, but shelving none-the-less and a great place for decor!   Anywhere there are shelves, (even mantles) are opportunities for decorating!   In this "venue" below there are many different things to look at, yet the arrangement is pleasant to the eye.  The different sizes and heights of the decor, the textures, and the varying depths of decor placement provide visual order for the eye. The lamp adds light to the area too.   I don't feel at all overwhelmed or confused by what I'm seeing when I look at this arrangement.   It just works! 

I love all the little groupings of decor.   And stacked books are a great way to add height to objects, fill empty space,  or provide a fun backdrop for other objects like you see in the picture below!   

And I had to include a full shot including the beautiful canvas photo above the decor arrangement!   Hanging or placing photos above shelving units or mantles is a great way to fill the space.  Another option is larger/taller decor pieces of varying sizes.  

Then.....there was this other bookshelf in the house that I saw.....a great example of mixing decoration with function (kids' toys in basket on bottom shelf).  And the globes!  I love the globes. 

And that is a glimpse of some different decorating styles and ways to mix decor.   In my experience, a big part of decorating and being happy with your look is using items you like, or that have meaning to you.  If we put something on a shelf just to fill a space, and it does nothing for us, then we might consider replacing it with something meaningful; or something that was snatched up last weekend while thrifting!    When decorating, using things you love (and really like!) can enhance any space. 

If you've been tuning in to my bookshelf series,  "Thank you!"  I really hope you took something away from each and every one of those posts.  And most importantly, I hope you were inspired to try something new on your bookshelf!!  Think outside the decorating box.  Though there are only a few simple "rules" that I like to keep in mind when decorating a bookshelf, it really comes down to you, and your own eye!   You'll know if you like what you've done, or not!  So have fun with it!